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descrição registros
sylpheed a GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client 68
aMule aMule - eMule client. 20
qbittorrent qBittorrent is a bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt5 using the good libtorrent library 18
gajim a Jabber client written in PyGTK 16
neverball OpenGL golf-based game 16
boinc The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing 14
maxima Maxima Computer Algebra System 9
aria2 aria2 - a simple utility for downloading files faster 6
mrtg Multi Router Traffic Grapher 6
pingus A free Lemmings clone 6
torsmo Torsmo is a system monitor like gkrellm, but lightweight 6
uget Download manager using GTK+ and libcurl 6
watchdog Software and/or Hardware watchdog daemon 6
bochs Portable x86 PC emulator 4
confuse A library for parsing configuration files 4
feh Image viewer using Imlib 2 4
geomview geomview -- interactive geometry viewing program 4
jed A fast, compact editor based on the slang screen library 4
ltris Nice tetris clone 4
multitail multitail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program. 4
nedit A text editor for the X Window System 4
shc Shell Script Compiler 4
supertuxkart SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game 4
unrtf UnRTF is a moderately complicated converter from RTF to other formats 4
Maelstrom Rockin' asteroids game 2
atanks Atomic Tanks - multi-player game similar to worms 2
bogofilter Fast anti-spam filtering by Bayesian statistical analysis 2
btanks Battle Tanks is a funny battle on your desk 2
dbview Dbview - view dBase files 2
ddd Graphical debugger front-end for GDB, DBX, Ladebug, JDB, Perl, Python 2
drawswf drawing application with a capability of export in flash animation 2
dwm Dynamic window manager for X 2
etherape Graphical network viewer modeled after etherman. 2
fceux FCEUX is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Famicom, and Famicom Disk System (FDS) emulator 2
fricas FriCAS Computer Algebra System 2
glaxium OpenGL-based space-ship "shoot-em-up" 2
grcm Gnome Remote Connection Manager 2
hydra A very fast network logon cracker which support many different services 2
ibam Intelligent Battery Monitor 2
libhangul Hangul input library 2
libinklevel Library for retrieving the ink level of a printer 2
mednafen Multi-consoles Emulator 2
multicat A set of tools designed to manipulate multicast streams 2
newlisp Lisp-like, general purpose scripting language 2
nickle A programming language-based prototyping environment 2
pstoedit converts Postscript(TM) and PDF files to other vector graphic formats 2
qutebrowser A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebEngine 2
tuxkart Tuxedo T Penguin stars in Tuxkart 2
xplanet Render a planetary image into an X window 2
TeXamator Helping you making your exercise sheets 1
dgen-sdl Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator 1
makeself It's a small shell script that generates a self-extractable archive from a directory 1
pflogsumm Postfix Log Entry Summarizer 1
python3-module-nbxmpp Python library for non-blocking use of Jabber/XMPP 1
shtool GNU shtool, The GNU Portable Shell Tool 1
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