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Group :: Rede/WWW
RPM: bugzilla

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%define post_apacheconf /sbin/service httpd condreload
%define postun_apacheconf /sbin/service httpd condreload

Name:       bugzilla
Version: 2.16.8
#for Sisyphus:
Release: alt3
#for Backports M2.4:
#release: alt2.M24.1
Summary: A bug tracking system developed by

License: MPL
Group: Networking/WWW

%define apache_num 60
#define bugzilla_name %{name}.test
%define bugzilla_name %{name}

%define apache_group apache
%define apache_webmaster webmaster
%define apache_home %_var/www/html
%define bugzilla_dir %apache_home/%bugzilla_name
%define apache_confdir %_sysconfdir/httpd/conf
%define apache_addonconfdir %apache_confdir/addon-modules.d

%define bugzilla_ftp

Source0: %bugzilla_ftp/%name-%version.tar.gz
Source1: %name.conf
Source2: %name.cron
#Patch0: bugzilla-apache-group-fix.patch
Patch1: bugzilla-add-lang-switch-2.16.8.patch
Patch2: bugzilla-editproducts-minimize.patch
Patch3: bugzilla-enter-bug-chg.patch
Patch4: bugzilla-simple-query.patch
Patch5: bugzilla-usesearchcomponentsenterbug-feat.patch.gz

BuildRequires: perl( >= 0:1.52
BuildRequires: perl( >= 0:1.13
BuildRequires: perl( >= 0:2.07
#BuildRequires: perl( >= 0:1.19
BuildRequires: perl(CGI/
BuildRequires: perl(DBD/
BuildRequires: perl(DBD/
BuildRequires: perl(File/
BuildRequires: perl(File/
BuildRequires: perl(Text/
BuildRequires: perl(Data/
BuildRequires: perl(Date/
#BuildRequires: perl(Chart/
BuildRequires: perl(Test/
Requires: perl( >= 0:1.52
Requires: perl( >= 0:1.13
Requires: perl( >= 0:2.07
#Requires: perl( >= 0:1.19
Requires: perl(CGI/
Requires: perl(DBD/
Requires: perl(DBD/
Requires: perl(File/
Requires: perl(File/
Requires: perl(Text/
Requires: perl(Data/
Requires: perl(Date/
#Requires: perl(Chart/
Requires: perl(Test/
Requires: apache

Requires: perl(  
Requires: perl(  
Requires: perl(

Conflicts: bugzilla-ru <=

%add_findreq_skiplist */
%add_findreq_skiplist */xml.cgi
%add_findreq_skiplist */

%add_findreq_skiplist */
%add_findreq_skiplist */
%add_findreq_skiplist */
%add_findreq_skiplist */
%add_findreq_skiplist */
%add_findreq_skiplist */processmail
%add_findreq_skiplist */syncshadowdb
%add_findreq_skiplist */UPGRADING-pre-2.8
%add_findreq_skiplist */

%add_findreq_skiplist *%bugzilla_dir/*.cgi

BuildArch: noarch

%name - Bugzilla is the bug tracking system developed by is a group within Netscape that acts
as a clearinghouse for Netscape source code.

Bugzilla since 2.16 is template driven, which makes it easier to
do customizations.

Please do take the time to read the release notes found in:

%package -n %{name}-perl
Summary: Bugzilla perl Modules.
Group: Networking/WWW

%description -n %{name}-perl
%{name}-perl - Bugzilla perl Modules:,

%package -n %{name}-doc
Summary: A docs for Bugzilla.
Group: Books/Other

%description -n %{name}-doc
%{name}-doc - *.txt, *.html and *.xml docs for Bugzilla. Include

%package -n %{name}-doc-pdf
Summary: Bugzilla-Guide.pdf.
Group: Books/Other

%description -n %{name}-doc-pdf
%{name}-doc-pdf - *.pdf docs for Bugzilla.

%setup -q
#patch0 -p1
%patch1 -p1
%patch2 -p1
%patch3 -p1
%patch4 -p1
%patch5 -p1

# instead of a static patch we do as per documentation...

%__perl -pi -e 's at #\!/usr/bonsaitools/bin/perl at #\!/usr/bin/perl at ' *cgi *pl processmail syncshadowdb


%__install -pd -m3770 %buildroot/%bugzilla_dir/{data/mining,shadow,graphs}

%__cp -aRf template %buildroot/%bugzilla_dir/
%__cp -aRf css %buildroot/%bugzilla_dir/

%__install -m755 *.cgi *.pl %buildroot/%bugzilla_dir/
%__install -m644 *.dtd *.html *.pm *.jpg *.gif *.js robots.txt %buildroot/%bugzilla_dir/
%__install -m644 localization.list %buildroot/%bugzilla_dir/
%__install -m755 syncshadowdb processmail %buildroot/%bugzilla_dir/

# Perl modules

%__install -pd %buildroot%_libexecdir/perl5
%__mv %buildroot{%bugzilla_dir/{RelationSet,Token,Attachment}.pm,%_libexecdir/perl5/}

# apache configuration

%__install -pD %SOURCE1 %buildroot/%_sysconfdir/httpd/conf/addon-modules.d/%{apache_num}%bugzilla_name.conf

# cron task

%__install -pD %SOURCE2 %buildroot/%_sysconfdir/cron.daily/%bugzilla_name

if [ $1 -eq 1 ]; then
%__subst '/Include conf\/addon-modules\/%name.conf/d' %apache_confdir/httpd.conf
%__subst '/Include conf\/addon-modules.d\/%name.conf/d' %apache_confdir/httpd.conf
if %__grep -eqs 'Include conf/addon-modules.d/*.conf' %apache_confdir/httpd.conf; then
%__subst '/Include conf\/addon-modules.d\/%{apache_num}%name.conf/d' %apache_confdir/httpd.conf
%__subst '/Include conf\/addon-modules.d\/%{apache_num}%name.conf/p' %apache_confdir/httpd.conf
#post_service httpd
#cd %bugzilla_dir && (./ ; sleep 1; ./ ||:

if [ $1 -eq 0 ]; then
 %__subst '/Include conf\/addon-modules.d\/%{apache_num}%name.conf/d' %apache_confdir/httpd.conf
 #preun_service httpd

%files -n %{name}-perl

%files -n %{name}-doc-pdf
%doc docs/pdf

%files -n %{name}-doc
%doc README UPGRADING* contrib t
%doc docs/*

%config(noreplace) %attr(644,root,root) %apache_confdir/addon-modules.d/%{apache_num}%bugzilla_name.conf
%config(noreplace) %attr(755,root,root) %_sysconfdir/cron.daily/%bugzilla_name

%defattr(640, root, %apache_group,750)
%attr(0750,root,%apache_group) %bugzilla_dir/*.cgi
%attr(0750,root,%apache_group) %bugzilla_dir/*.pl
%attr(0750,root,%apache_group) %bugzilla_dir/processmail
%attr(0750,root,%apache_group) %bugzilla_dir/syncshadowdb
%attr(750,root,%apache_group) %dir %bugzilla_dir/template
%attr(770,root,%apache_group) %dir %bugzilla_dir/graphs
%attr(750,root,%apache_group) %dir %bugzilla_dir/shadow
%attr(771,root,%apache_group) %dir %bugzilla_dir/data
%attr(750,root,%apache_group) %dir %bugzilla_dir/data/mining

%doc README UPGRADING* docs contrib t

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mantenedor atual: Michael Shigorin
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