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Group :: Sistema/Servidores
RPM: cups-filters

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%define _cups_serverbin %_libexecdir/cups
%global _localstatedir %_var

Name: cups-filters
Version: 1.28.7
Release: alt2

Summary: OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends
# For a breakdown of the licensing, see COPYING file
# GPLv2:   filters: commandto*, imagetoraster, pdftops, rasterto*,
#                   imagetopdf, pstopdf, texttopdf
#         backends: parallel, serial
# GPLv2+:  filters: textonly, texttops, imagetops
# GPLv3:   filters: bannertopdf
# MIT:     filters: pdftoijs, pdftoopvp, pdftopdf, pdftoraster
License: GPLv2 and GPLv2+ and GPLv3 and MIT
Group: System/Servers

Source2: cups-browsed.init
Source3: default-testpage.pdf
Patch0: %name-alt.patch
Patch1: %name-braille-indexv4-path.patch
Patch2: %name-pjl-as-ps.patch
# TODO: remove this patch when is fixed.
Patch3: %name-alt-disable-fax.patch

Conflicts: cups < 1.6.1-alt1
Conflicts: ghostscript-cups
Obsoletes: ghostscript-cups
Provides: ghostscript-cups
Obsoletes: foomatic-filters
Provides: foomatic-filters
Conflicts: foomatic-filters

BuildRequires: cups-devel
BuildRequires: libdbus-devel
BuildRequires: libldap-devel
# pdftopdf
BuildRequires: libqpdf-devel >= 8.1.0
# pdftops
BuildRequires: poppler-utils
# pdftoijs, pdftoopvp, pdftoraster
BuildRequires: libpoppler-devel libpoppler-cpp-devel
BuildRequires: libjpeg-devel
BuildRequires: libpng-devel
BuildRequires: libtiff-devel
BuildRequires: gcc-c++
BuildRequires: zlib-devel
BuildRequires: libijs-devel
BuildRequires: glib2-devel
BuildRequires: libgs-devel
BuildRequires: libfreetype-devel
BuildRequires: fontconfig-devel
BuildRequires: liblcms2-devel
BuildRequires: libgio-devel
BuildRequires: libavahi-devel libavahi-glib-devel
# for tests
BuildRequires: fonts-ttf-dejavu

# Make sure we get postscriptdriver tags.

BuildRequires: python3-module-cups

Requires: poppler-utils
Requires: /usr/bin/gs

%package libs
Summary: OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends - cupsfilters and fontembed libraries
Group: System/Libraries
# LGPLv2: libcupsfilters
# MIT:    libfontembed
License: LGPLv2 and MIT

%package devel
Summary: OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends - development environment
Group: Development/C
License: LGPLv2 and MIT
Requires: cups-filters-libs = %version-%release

Contains backends, filters, and other software that was
once part of the core CUPS distribution but is no longer maintained by
Apple Inc. In addition it contains additional filters developed
independently of Apple, especially filters for the PDF-centric printing
workflow introduced by OpenPrinting.

%description libs
This package provides cupsfilters and fontembed libraries.

%description devel
This is the development package for OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends.

%package -n cups-backend-serial
Epoch: 1
Summary: serial backend for cups
License: GPLv2
Group: System/Servers

%description -n cups-backend-serial
serial backend for cups

%patch0 -p2
%patch1 -p2
%patch2 -p2
%patch3 -p1


# --with-pdftops=pdftops - use Poppler instead of Ghostscript (see README)

%configure --disable-static \
          --disable-silent-rules \
  --disable-mutool \
  --without-php \
  --with-rcdir=no \
  --enable-driverless \
  --enable-pclm \
  --enable-auto-setup-driverless-only \
  --with-gs-path=/usr/bin/gs \
  --enable-opvp \
  --enable-dbus \
  --with-test-font-path=/usr/share/fonts/ttf/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf \


make check

%make install DESTDIR=%buildroot
install -D -m 755 %SOURCE2 %buildroot/%_initdir/cups-browsed
mkdir -p %buildroot/%_unitdir/
install -m 644 utils/cups-browsed.service %buildroot/%_unitdir/
ln -sf ../lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip %buildroot/%_bindir/foomatic-rip
rm -rf %buildroot%_docdir/%name
install -D -m 644 %SOURCE3 %buildroot/%_datadir/cups/data/

%config(noreplace) %_sysconfdir/cups/cups-browsed.conf
%config(noreplace) %_initdir/cups-browsed
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/filter/*
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/driver/*
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/backend/parallel
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/backend/beh
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/backend/implicitclass
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/backend/driverless
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/backend/driverless-fax
%attr(0755,root,root) %_cups_serverbin/backend/cups-brf

%files -n cups-backend-serial
%attr(0700,root,root) %_prefix/lib/cups/backend/serial

%files libs
%doc COPYING fontembed/README
%attr(0755,root,root) %_libdir/*
%attr(0755,root,root) %_libdir/*

%files devel


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