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Group :: Desenvolvimento/Python
RPM: python-module-libutilitaspy

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Name: python-module-libutilitaspy
Version: 0.1
Release: alt1.1

%setup_python_module libutilitaspy

Summary: A general purpose library of data-structures, aspects, patterns and utilities for Python.
Source: %modulename-%{version}dev.tar.gz
Patch: libutilitaspy-0.1-alt-no-distribute.patch
License: Apache License 2.0
Group: Development/Python
Buildarch: noarch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Mon Jan 23 2012

# optimized out: python-base python-devel python-modules python-modules-compiler python-modules-email
BuildRequires: python-module-distribute

               * Data-structures:
                   - Stacks
                   - Heaps and priority queues
                   - Graphs
                   - Maps (generalizing both functions and dictionaries)
                   - Tries
                   - Partially Ordered Sets (Posets)
                   - (Reduced Ordered) Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs)
               * Categories:
                   - Framework for defining entities from category theory:
                       . categories,
                       . objects,
                       . arrows,
                       . diagrams (including empty, pairs, parallel arrows, spans and cospans)
                       . cones and cocones
                       . limits (general, final objects, products, equalizers, pullbacks)
                       . colimits (general, initial objects, coproducts, coequalizers, pushouts)
                   - Specific categories:
                       . Category of sets and functions
                   - Observer
               * Aspects:
                   - Framework for creating aspect classes (by subclassing or from a generator function)
                   - An aspect weaver meta-class factory
                   - Common aspects: method logger and method memoizer
               * General utilities:
                   - Generic pretty-printer for printable objects
                   - Name (identifier) generators
                   - Indenting/dedenting text
                   - Unzipping lists of pairs
                   - Common-prefix, postfix difference algorithms
                   - Infinity arithmetic

%package docs
Group: Development/Python
Summary: Documentation and example files for %name

%description docs
Documentation and example files for %name

%setup -n %modulename-%{version}dev
%patch -p2


export PYTHONPATH=build/lib

%doc *txt
%dir %_datadir/%modulename

%files docs


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