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RPM: mosml

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Licença: GPL
Sumário: Moscow ML

Moscow ML provides a light-weight implementation of full Standard ML,
including Modules and some extensions.  Standard ML is a strict
functional language widely used in teaching and research.

Moscow ML is based on the Caml Light system, which gives fast
compilation and modest storage consumption.

  * The full SML Modules language (structures, signatures, and functors)
    is now supported, thanks to Claudio Russo.
  * Also, several extensions to the SML Modules language are provided:
     - higher-order functors: functors may be defined within structures
       and functors
     - first-class modules: structures and functors may be packed and
       then handled as Core language values, which may then be unpacked
       as structures or functors again
     - recursive modules: signatures and structures may be recursively
  * Despite that improvements, Moscow ML remains backwards compatible.
  * Value polymorphism has become friendlier: non-generalizable free
    type variables are left free, and become instantiated (once only)
    when the bound variable is used
  * Added facilities for creating and communicating with subprocesses
    (structure Unix and Signal from SML Basis Library).
  * Added facilities for efficient functional generation of HTML code
    (structure Msp); also supports the writing of ML Server Page scripts.
  * Added facilities setting and accessing `cookies' in CGI scripts
    (structure Mosmlcookie), thanks to Hans Molin, Uppsala, Sweden.
  * The Gdimage structure now produces PNG images (using Thomas
    Boutell's gd library).

Mantenedor currente: Andrey Bergman

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