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ok alsamixergui 0.9.0-alt5 1 september 2019, 16:19 21.1… Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) graphical mixer
ok nautilus-share 0.7.3-alt1.qa1 20 february 2019, 03:45 48.8… Nautilus Share allows you to quickly share a folder from the GNOME Nautilus file manager without requiring root access.
ok perl-Sys-Mmap 0.19-alt1.2 25 january 2019, 01:44 52.5… Perl module to use mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable
info qamix 0.0.7-alt3.1 13 june 2012, 04:15 397.8 http://alsamodular.sourcefo… QAMix is a configurable mixer for ALSA
ok skippy 0.5.0-alt2.qa1 18 april 2013, 03:48 353.6… Full-screen task-switcher
fail txt2tags 2.6-alt1.1 17 november 2011, 00:27 427.6 http://txt2tags.sourceforge… Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, sgml, LaTeX, man...
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