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id severity priority status resolution reporter summary
19293 enhancement P2 NEW   php-coder [FR] Обновить до 5.37
26825 normal P3 REOPENED   viy does not recognize lzma compessed data
643 enhancement P4 CLOSED   dalex пакет не ставится по умолчанию
11088 critical P2 CLOSED FIXED ildar doesn't recognize Windows executables
28261 critical P3 CLOSED FIXED aris DOOMsday
13059 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED sergey.kovalyov Ошибка в magic файле
12966 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED at zzip-sdl-rwops.pc classified as MGR bitmap... (non-text)
12597 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED led erlang magic
10858 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED thresh wrong id3 tag in mp3 files handling
6084 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED mouse libmagick-devel-static
5975 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED mouse enable static
5326 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED sbolshakov ambiguous magic
5198 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED rider file неработоспособен после компиляции magic файлов
5168 normal P2 CLOSED FIXED rider Новая версия
28310 normal P3 CLOSED FIXED mithraen Некорректное определение типа файла
23866 normal P3 CLOSED FIXED kas Распространённый false positive
40619 normal P5 CLOSED FIXED vt Package file-4.26 in dedicted package for rpm-build
39228 normal P5 CLOSED FIXED lav Предлагаю не паковать python-module-magic
38497 normal P5 CLOSED FIXED naf Different MIME encoding in the --mime and --mime-encoding output
2348 normal P5 CLOSED FIXED mhz Java source files misdetected as Perl
2347 normal P5 CLOSED FIXED mhz Some escape sequences in the manual nroff text are not displayed
249 minor P4 CLOSED FIXED nidd file doesn't detects DOCTYPE HTML
2346 minor P5 CLOSED FIXED mhz Allows for non-printable characters in the '%s script text executable' substitution
17119 enhancement P2 CLOSED FIXED legion Magic for lzma
7903 enhancement P2 CLOSED FIXED eugvv Стоит перенести проверку на RPM в самое начало списка
3171 enhancement P2 CLOSED FIXED alex.murugin file: new version
2643 enhancement P5 CLOSED FIXED aris /usr/bin/file can't recognize some files.
2761 minor P4 CLOSED DUPLICATE mike file is silent on a trivial file
24802 enhancement P3 CLOSED DUPLICATE alexei.mezin Не пора ли обновить?
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