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RPM: perl-CryptX

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Current version: 0.064-alt1
Build date: 17 june 2019, 07:02 ( 18.4 weeks ago )
Size: 1579.04 Kb

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License: Perl (GPL or Artistic)
Summary: Crypto toolkit with multiple ciphers, hash functions and other

CryptX - Crypto toolkit (self-contained no external libraries needed)
Cryptography in CryptX is based on

   Currently available modules:

   *   Ciphers - see Crypt::Cipher and related modules

       Crypt::Cipher::AES, Crypt::Cipher::Anubis, Crypt::Cipher::Blowfish,
       Crypt::Cipher::Camellia, Crypt::Cipher::CAST5, Crypt::Cipher::DES,
       Crypt::Cipher::DES_EDE, Crypt::Cipher::KASUMI,
       Crypt::Cipher::Khazad, Crypt::Cipher::MULTI2,
       Crypt::Cipher::Noekeon, Crypt::Cipher::RC2, Crypt::Cipher::RC5,
       Crypt::Cipher::RC6, Crypt::Cipher::SAFERP,
       Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_K128, Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_K64,
       Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_SK128, Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_SK64,
       Crypt::Cipher::SEED, Crypt::Cipher::Skipjack,
       Crypt::Cipher::Twofish, Crypt::Cipher::XTEA

   *   Block cipher modes

       Crypt::Mode::CBC, Crypt::Mode::CFB, Crypt::Mode::CTR,
       Crypt::Mode::ECB, Crypt::Mode::OFB

   *   Authenticated encryption modes

       Crypt::AuthEnc::CCM, Crypt::AuthEnc::EAX, Crypt::AuthEnc::GCM,

   *   Hash Functions - see Crypt::Digest and related modules

       Crypt::Digest::CHAES, Crypt::Digest::MD2, Crypt::Digest::MD4,
       Crypt::Digest::MD5, Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD128,
       Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD160, Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD256,
       Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD320, Crypt::Digest::SHA1,
       Crypt::Digest::SHA224, Crypt::Digest::SHA256, Crypt::Digest::SHA384,
       Crypt::Digest::SHA512, Crypt::Digest::SHA512_224,
       Crypt::Digest::SHA512_256, Crypt::Digest::Tiger192,

   *   Message Authentication Codes

       Crypt::Mac::F9, Crypt::Mac::HMAC, Crypt::Mac::OMAC,
       Crypt::Mac::Pelican, Crypt::Mac::PMAC, Crypt::Mac::XCBC

   *   Public key cryptography

       Crypt::PK::RSA, Crypt::PK::DSA, Crypt::PK::ECC, Crypt::PK::DH

   *   Cryptographically secure random number generators

       Crypt::PRNG, Crypt::PRNG::Fortuna, Crypt::PRNG::Yarrow,
       Crypt::PRNG::RC4, Crypt::PRNG::Sober128

   *   Key derivation functions - PBKDF1, PBKFD2 and HKDF


Current maintainer: Igor Vlasenko

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    design & coding: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
    current maintainer: Michael Shigorin