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Пакет: bomberclone

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Name: bomberclone
Version: 0.11.7
Release: alt1

Summary: BomberClone is a Puzzle game clone of bomberman
License: GPL
Url: http://bomberclone.sourceforge.net/homepage/
Group: Games/Arcade

Packager: Igor Zubkov <icesik at altlinux.org>

Source0: %name-%version.tar.bz2
Source1: %name.menu
Source2: %name.xpm

Patch: %name.patch
Patch1: bomberclone-0.11.7-alt-path.patch

Obsoletes: %name-data
Provides: %name-data

# Automatically added by buildreq on Sat May 05 2007

#BuildRequires: esound imake libSDL-devel libSDL_image-devel libSDL_mixer-devel libXt-devel linux-libc-headers xorg-cf-files
BuildRequires: esound imake libSDL-devel libSDL_image-devel libSDL_mixer-devel libXt-devel xorg-cf-files

Clone of bomberman. The goal of the game is to be the last one,
who is alive. You can drop bombs which will explode after a certain
time and destroy everything in horizontal and vertical direction.
So you can remove stones or kill other players. But take care.
Don't kill yourself otherwise the game will be over for you.
During the game you will find differnent powerups to raise your skills.
If you are running faster than your opponent and you have many bombs,
you can catch him within lots of bombs and he has no chance to escape.
Your will get points for every player you have killed. If you win the game,
you can earn additional points depending on how many players played the game.

%setup -q
#patch -p0
%patch1 -p1
%configure --prefix=%buildroot%prefix --disable-debug


%__mkdir_p %buildroot%_gamesdatadir/%name
%__install -pD -m644 %SOURCE1 %buildroot%_menudir/%name
%__install -pD -m644 %SOURCE2 %buildroot%_datadir/pixmaps/%name.xpm





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