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Пакет: alleyoop

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# BEGIN SourceDeps(oneline):
BuildRequires: /usr/bin/desktop-file-install /usr/bin/emacs /usr/bin/emacsclient /usr/bin/gconftool-2 /usr/bin/gvim /usr/bin/ldd glib2-devel pkgconfig(gconf-2.0) pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0) pkgconfig(libglade-2.0)
# END SourceDeps(oneline)
# see https://bugzilla.altlinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10382
%define _localstatedir %{_var}
Name:       alleyoop
Version:    0.9.8
Release:    alt1_9
License:    GPLv2+
Group:      Development/Tools
Summary:    Graphical front-end to the Valgrind memory checker for x86
URL:        http://alleyoop.sourceforge.net/
Source0:    http://downloads.sourceforge.net/%{name}/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
Source1:    alleyoop.desktop

BuildRequires: valgrind >= 3.1.0
BuildRequires: libgnomeui-devel gettext gettext-tools, intltool
BuildRequires: desktop-file-utils
BuildRequires: binutils-devel

Requires: valgrind >= 3.1.0
Requires: GConf libGConf, librarian

# valgrind available only on these

ExclusiveArch: %{ix86} x86_64 ppc ppc64 ppc64le s390x %{arm} aarch64
Source44: import.info

Alleyoop is a graphical front-end to the increasingly popular Valgrind
memory checker for x86 GNU/ Linux using the Gtk+ widget set and other
GNOME libraries for the X Windows System.

Features include a right-click context menu to intelligently suppress
errors or launch an editor on the source file/jumping to the exact
line of the error condition. A searchbar at the top of the viewer can
be used to limit the viewable errors to those that match the regex
criteria entered. Also included is a fully functional Suppressions

%setup -q

%configure --disable-install-schemas

%find_lang %{name}

desktop-file-install --dir ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}%{_datadir}/applications %{SOURCE1}

export GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE="$(gconftool-2 --get-default-source)"
gconftool-2 --makefile-install-rule %{_sysconfdir}/gconf/schemas/%{name}.schemas &>/dev/null

gconftool-2 --makefile-uninstall-rule %{_sysconfdir}/gconf/schemas/%{name}.schemas &>/dev/null

%files -f %{name}.lang


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