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# The following doesn't yet work, because current kernels (up to at least
# 2.4.20) do not support rejection of APM events. Supporting this would
# require substantial modifications to the APM driver. We will re-enable
# this feature if the driver is ever modified. -- cph@debian.org
# Set the following to "false" if you want to reject system suspend or
# system standby requests when the computer is running on AC power.
# Otherwise set this to "true". Such requests are never rejected when
# the computer is running on battery power.

# make an entry in the logfiles whenever the percentage of
# battery power changes below the value specified here

# warn on specified remainig battery percentage, use negative values
# to disable this feature

# use -W to warn all users in a critical power state

# if you have problems with your X display after returning from suspend mode
# give CHANGEVT the number of the virtual terminal your X-Server runs on

# If you set this to yes, the clock will be synced with the hardware clock
# when the computer returns from suspend mode.

# Some broken BIOSes, like those found in Gericom 3xC notebooks,
# won't wake up harddisks from suspend to disk unless they're set to PIO mode
# and 16-bit.
# Don't activate the following two lines unless you're getting
# "hda: lost interrupt" after returning from a suspend to disk.
#HDPARM_AT_SUSPEND="-q -X0 -q -c0 -q -d0 -q -u0 -q -S0"
#HDPARM_AT_RESUME="-q -X66 -q -c1 -q -d1 -q -u1 -q -S30"

# the error-beep of your terminal might be set to the default values after a
# resume so set TERMINALBEEP to "yes" to restore the values in
# /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

# if your sound sometimes doesn't work after a resume set RESTORESOUND
# to "yes"; this will kill all sound applications, and, if you also
# set $RESTORESOUNDPROGS to "yes", restart the sound applications as
# the correct user and on the correct display

# I got frequent problems mainly with scsi-pcmcia-cards on the cardbus. Use
# PCMCIARESTART=yes to stop the whole pcmcia-subsystem on a suspend and
# to start it again after a resume. This can slow down your suspend and resume
# process. Use PCMCIAWAIT to wait with the suspend until the pccard is removed
# from the system.
# Some BIOSes are too buggy to handle cardctl suspend and cardctl resume
# properly, in these cases cardctl eject and cardctl insert can be used instead.
# However, this actually ejects the card on hardware supporting it, so if
# the BIOS isn't buggy, it shouldn't be used. Set PCMCIABIOSBUG to yes if
# you are experiencing problems with PCMCIA cards after a resume.
# Since buggy BIOSes seem to be far more common than hardware that can eject
# PCMCIA cards (and it doesn't make a difference on systems that don't have
# either), it is enabled by default.

# Set ANACRON_ON_BATTERY to yes if you want to run anacron after a resume even
# if you're on battery power.

# Set LOCK_X to yes if you want to lock all your X displays at suspend

# If NET_RESTART is set to yes, the network will be shut down at suspend and
# restarted at resume.
# This is especially useful if you're using DHCP, but usually won't hurt.

# If NETFS_RESTART is set to yes, NFS filesystems will be unmounted at
# suspend, and remounted at resume (if possible).
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