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4.1: 6.9-alt0.0.b2008.08.05.M41.1
4.0: 6.9-alt0.b2008.11.30.M40.1
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5 января 2019 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.7-alt0.6.20180105

  • remove apache1 support.
  • .spec cleanup.

29 декабря 2018 Igor Vlasenko <viy at altlinux.ru> 7.7-alt0.5.20180105

  • NMU: build w/o apache1

13 января 2018 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.7-alt0.4.20180105

  • Rediffed browser versions list:
  • replace netscape by yandex browser;
  • replace svn by seamonkey;
  • replace konqueror by palemoon.
  • lib/browsers.pm: Add Palemoon.
  • awstats.pl{yabrowser,chrome}: Round version num.

12 января 2018 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.7-alt0.2.20180105

  • Updated to GIT f316b1f (7.7 20180105).
  • Rediffed all alt- patches:
     + tools: fix defaults paths.
     + lib/search_engines.pm: update russian search.
     + maxmind plugin: update asnum URLs.
     + lang/awstats-ru.txt: fix translation.
     + lib/operating_systems.pm: add ALTLinux.
     + awstats.pl: improve Opera detection.
     + lib/browsers.pm: Add Yandex Browser detection.

22 августа 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.10.20150714

  • lib/search_engines.pm: disable keywords decoding for google/yandex due
     result encryption.

10 августа 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.9.20150714

  • Add awstats to apache2 group too (closes #28698).

4 августа 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.7.20150714

  • More fixes and improvements:
     + improve Opera detection.
     + Add Yandex Browser detection.
     + fix Edge detection.

3 августа 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.6.20150714

  • Some improvements:
     + add M$ Edge browser
     + Improve Windows 10 detection.

2 августа 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.5.20150714

  • Synced with 7.4 2015-07-14 12:55 snapshot.

25 июня 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.4.20150618

  • Synced with 2015-06-18 snapshot.

27 апреля 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.3

  • fix broken url for asnum query.

18 апреля 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.2

  • Fix yandex detection (s/text/etext/g).

17 апреля 2015 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.4-alt0.1

  • Update to 7.4.
  • Re-apply all patches:
     + lib/{robots,search_engines}.pm: update for ru.
     + wwwroot/cgi-bin/lib/browsers.pm: Add WebSec.
     + lib/operating_systems.pm: add ALTLinux.
     + tools: fix defaults paths.
     + lang/awstats-ru.txt: fix translation.

15 марта 2013 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.1.1-alt0.1

  • 7.1.1.
  • possibly fixes perl 5.16 compatibility issues (ALT #28686).

5 октября 2012 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.1-alt3.cvs20120604

  • more fixes for yandex search.

3 октября 2012 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.1-alt2.cvs20120604

  • update russian search engines.
  • rebuild due /usr/sbin/service -> /sbin/service migration (ALT #27795).

3 октября 2012 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.1-alt1.cvs20120604

  • Bug fixes:
     + fix permissions for .pl files.
     + awstats.pl: fix opera version detection (upstream #3564921)
     + browsers_phone.pm: add missing %BrowsersFamily (upstream #3430233)

2 октября 2012 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 7.1-alt0.1.cvs20120604

  • Updated to CVS 2012/06/04 shapshot.
  • re-apply all azol@ patches.
  • update buildreq: add perl-Switch, perl-CGI.

17 июля 2010 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at altlinux.ru> 6.95-alt1

  • update to 6.95
  • move webserver integration part to subpackages:
     + awstats-apache
     + awstats-apache2
  • build awgraphapplet.jar from source, avoiding upstream shipped binary
  • move example config file from sysconfdir to docdir
  • move unneeded stuff to doc subpackge
  • add post/postun webserver reload (#15191)
  • reset icon,css,classes,js aliases to upstreams default
  • set proper awstatsmisctrackerurl variable in awstats_misc_tracker.js
  • modify default path to awstats.pl in awsatats_{buildstaticpages,updateall}.pl
  • add ALTLinux to OS detection list
  • fix typos in russian lang file
  • add README.ALT.ru_RU.UTF8
  • add patches from Debian:
     + Add WebSec to robots list
     + Correct link to the GNU Hurd homepage
     + Updated Russian translation

2 декабря 2009 Vladimir V. Kamarzin <vvk at altlinux.org> 6.9-alt1.b2008.11.30

  • Add dependency on perl-Encode.
  • Prevent unneeded unix -> dos conversion (add "-U" to dos2unix call).
  • Reduce macro abuse in specfile.

28 октября 2009 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 6.95-alt0.2009.10.28

  • Update to unreleased 6.95 (2009-10-28 CVS snapshot).

7 декабря 2008 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 6.9-alt0.b2008.11.30

  • new unstable beta snapshot (2008-11-30).
  • re-apply browser list.
  • update buildreq: add perl-Encode.

5 сентября 2008 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 6.9-alt0.b2008.08.05

  • new unstable beta version (2008-08-05 shapshot).
  • sync browsers list w/ forum.mozilla-russia.org detection code.
  • fix file mode for cron.d file.

29 ноября 2007 L.A. Kostis <lakostis at altlinux.ru> 6.8-alt0.b2007.11.24

  • NMU.
  • new unstable version (2007-11-24 6.8 beta release).

25 апреля 2007 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.6-alt2

  • bugfix #11609

14 января 2007 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.6-alt1

  • nev version

3 октября 2006 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.5-alt2

  • patch for seamonkey detection (thanks to lakostis@)

28 мая 2006 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.5-alt1

  • New version

16 августа 2005 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.4-alt2

  • Fix for package requires

21 марта 2005 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.4-alt1

  • new version with security fixes

26 февраля 2005 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.3-alt4

  • play with geoip plugin

14 февраля 2005 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.3-alt3

  • Security fix CAN-2005-0116

8 февраля 2005 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.3-alt2

  • Fix permissions for /var/log/httpd

30 января 2005 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.3-alt1

  • New version

10 ноября 2004 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.2-alt1

  • New version
  • Remove mail config template

25 мая 2004 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.org> 6.1-alt1

  • New version
  • Spec cleanup
  • Move all files to /usr/share/awstats

23 января 2004 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.ru> 6.0-alt1

  • New version

22 октября 2003 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.ru> 5.9-alt1

  • New version
  • Fix for perl syntax error in plugins
  • Move documentation to awstats-docs package

7 июля 2003 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.ru> 5.6-alt1

  • Domain with no pages hits were always reported as other in domain chart.
  • percent for other in full list of "links for internet search engines"
     has been fixed.
    New features/improvments:
  • Report compression ratios with mod_deflate feature (Apache 2).
  • A better browser detection.
  • Can add regex values for a lot of list parameters (HostAliases,
     SkipDNSLookupFor, ...)
  • StyleSheet parameter works completely now and sample of CSS files are
  • Add meta tags robots noindex,nofollow to avoid indexing of stats pages by
     compliant robots.
  • Added a "Miscellanous chart" to report ratio of Browsers that support:
     Java, Flash, Real reader, Quicktime reader, WMA reader, PDF reader.
  • "Miscellanous chart" also report the "Add to favourites" (must remove the
     "robots.txt" and "favicon.ico" entries off your SkipFiles parameter in your
     config file to have this feature working.
  • Update process now try a direct access at last updated record when a new
     update is ran. If it fails (file changed or wrong checksum of record), then
     it does a scan from the beginning of file until a new date has been
     reached (This was the only way of working on older version). So now update
     process is very much faster for thoose who don't purge/rotate their log
     file between two update process (direct access is faster than full scan).
  • Better look for report pages on Netscape/Mozilla browsers.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Update wap/imode browser list.
    Note 1:
     You should remove the "robots.txt" and "favicon.ico" entries in the SkipFiles
     parameter in your config files after updgrading to 5.6.

    Version 5.5
  • Summary robots list was limited to MaxNbOfLoginShown instead of being
     limited to MaxNbOfRobotShown value.
  • Fixed a bug when using HBL codes in ShowRobotsStats parameter.
  • AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingAuthenticatedUsers now works for users with
     space in name.
  • Bug 730996. When URLWithQueryWithoutFollowingParameters was used with a
     value and another parameter was ended with this value, the wrong parameter
     was truncated from URL.
    New features/improvments:
  • Added a 'Screen Size' report.
  • Group OS by families. Added a detailed OS version chart.
  • Better 404 errors management. URLs are always cleaned from their parameter
     to build '404 not found' URLs list (because parameters are not interesting
     as they can't have effect as page is not found). Referrer URLs list for '404
     not found' URLs are kept with parameters only if URLReferrerWithQuery is set
     to 1. This make this report more useful.
  • Added 'geoipfree' plugin (same than 'geoip' plugin but using the free
     Perl module Geo::IPfree).
  • 'geoip' plugin can works with Perl module Geo::IP but also with Perl module
  • Added 'userinfo' plugin to add information from a text file (like lastname,
     office department,...) in authenticated user chart.
  • month parameter can accept format -month=D, not only -month=DD
  • Optimized code size.
  • Optimized HTML output report size.
  • Added plugin ipv6 to fully support IPv6 (included reverse DNS lookup).
  • Split month summary chart and days of month chart in two different charts in
     main page. This also means that ShowDaysOfMonthStats and
     AddDataArrayShowDaysOfMonthStats parameters were added.
  • Added -staticlinksext to build static pages with another extension than
     default .html
  • Added QMail support and better working support for Postfix and Sendmail (SMA
     preprocessor was replaced by maillogconv.pl).
  • AWStats default install directory is /usr/local/awstats for unix like OS.
  • Added Isle of Man, Monserat, and Palestinian flag icon.
  • Added "local network host" and "Satellite access host" in label of possible
     countries and icons (They appears when using geoip plugins).
  • Better management of parsed lines counting. The last line number is also
     stored in history file, for a future use.
  • Removed LogFormat=5 option for ISA log file because I am fed up of
     supporting bugged and non standard MS products. Sorry but this takes me too
     many times. To use AWStats with an ISA server, just use now a preprocessor
     tool to convert into a W3C log file.
  • Added estonian, serban and icelandic language files.
  • Updated documentation.

5 марта 2003 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.ru> 5.4-alt1

  • File name with space inside were not correctly reported when doing FTP log
     server analysis.
  • Problem in Wy tag for ten first weeks of year (coded on 1 char instead
     of 2: First week should be "00" instead of "0").
  • Tooltips now works correctly with Netscape (>= 5.0).
  • Better parsing of parameters (Solved bug 635962).
  • Users did not appear in Authenticated users list if hits on pages were 0.
  • Value of title "Top x" for domains chart was not always correct.
  • Fixed bug 620040 that prevented to use "#" char in HTMLHeadSection.
  • Whois link did not work for jp, au, uk and nz domains.
  • WhoIs link did not work if host name contained a "-" char.
  • Fixed a bug in mod_gzip stats when only ratio was given in log.
    New features/improvments:
  • Lang parameter accepts 'auto' value (Choose first available language
     accepted by browser).
  • Little support for realmedia server.
  • Added urlaliasbuilder.pl tool.
  • Added URL in possible values for ExtraSection first column.
  • New parameter: URLWithAnchor (set to 0 by default).
  • Export tooltips features in a plugin (plugin tooltips disabled by default).
  • Added average session length in Visit Duration report.
  • Added percentage in Visit Duration report.
  • logresolvemerge.pl can read .gz or .bz2 files.
  • Added icons and Mime label for file types report.
  • Added parameters AddDataArrayMonthDayStats, AddDataArrayShowDaysOfWeekStats,
     and AddDataArrayShowHoursStats.
  • Added the Whois info in a centered popup window.
  • Cosmetic change of browsers reports (group by family and add bar in
  • Other minor cosmetic change (remove ShowHeader parameter).
  • Authenticated user field in log file can contain space with LogFormat=1,
     and they are purged of " with Logformat=6 (Lotus Notes/Domino).
  • The AWSTATS_CURRENT_CONFIG environment variable is now always defined
     into AWStats environment with value of config (Can be used inside config
     file like other environment variables).
  • Added offset of last log line read and a signature of line into the
     history file after the LastLine date.
  • Better error report in load of plugins.
  • AWSTATS_CONFIG environment variable renamed into AWSTATS_FORCE_CONFIG.
  • Replaced -month=year option by -month=all.
  • Added an error message if a -migrate is done on an history file with
     wrong file name.
  • GeoIP memory cache code is now stored inside plugin code.
  • Added list of loaded plugins in AWStats copyright string.
  • Added European and Sao Tome And Principe country flag.
  • Added Safari browser icon.
  • Updated documentation.
    Note 1:
     Old deprecated values for -lang option (-lang=0, -lang=1...) has been
     removed. Use -lang=code_language instead (-lang=en, -lang=fr, ...).
    Note 2:
     Old deprecated -month=year option must be replaced by -month=all when
     used on command line.

11 февраля 2003 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.ru> 5.3-alt1

  • Fixed: Bad documentation for use of ExtraSection.
  • Fixed: Bug in ValidSMTPCodes parameter.
  • Fixed: Remove AWStats header on left frame if ShowHeader=0.
  • Fixed: 29th february 2004 will be correctly handled.
  • Fixed: Another try to fix the #include not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Columns not aligned in unknownip view when not all fields are
  • Fixed: Columns not aligned in allhosts and lasthosts view when not all
     fields are choosed.
  • Added awstats_exportlib.pl tool.
  • Added 'Full list' view for Domains/Country report.
  • Added 'Full list' and 'Last visits' for email senders/receivers chart.
  • Added a memory cache for GeoIP plugin resolution (geoip is faster).
  • New parameter: Added AuthenticatedUsersNotCaseSensitive.
  • Speed increased when ExtraSection is used.
  • Updates to AWStats robots, os, browsers, search_engines databases.
  • Added awstats_logo3.png
  • Added X11 as Unknown Unix OS, and Atari OS.
  • Change way of reading -output= parameter to prepare build of several output
     with same running process.
  • Updated documentation.

16 декабря 2002 Igor Muratov <migor at altlinux.ru> 5.2-alt1

  • First build for ALT.
  • Added urlalias plugin to replace URL values in URL reports by a text.
  • Added geoip plugin to track countries from IP location instead of domain
  • Support for postfix mail log.
  • Added total and average row at bottom of day data array.
  • Added dynamic filter in Host and Referer pages when used as CGI like
     in Url report.
  • Removed "Bytes" text when values is 0.
  • Reduced main page size.
  • New parameter: Added OnlyHosts parameter.
  • New parameter: Added ErrorMessages to use a personalized error message.
  • New parameter: Added DebugMessages to not allow debug messages.
  • New parameter: Added URLQuerySeparators parameter.
  • New parameter: Added UseHTTPSLinkForUrl parameter.
  • Report for robots accept codes like others charts ('HBL').
  • Can use "char+" instead of "char" for LogSeparator.
  • Records with bad http code for Microsoft Index Servers (on 1 digit instead
     of 3) are no more reported as corrupted records.
  • Little support for IPv6.
  • Static string changed from "string" to 'string'.
  • Fixed: Fix a bug when using IIS and query or cs-query-string tag in
     LogFormat and URLWithQuery=1.
  • Fixed: #include now works correctly.
  • Added Albanian, Bulgarian and Welsh language.
  • Added Seychelles flag.
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