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Группа :: Сети/IRC
Пакет: bitlbee

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Name: bitlbee
Version: 3.5.1
Release: alt2
Group: Networking/IRC
License: GPLv2
Url: http://www.bitlbee.org
Summary: IRC gateway to IM chat networks
Source: %name-%version.tar.gz
Source1: %name.alt.init
Patch: bitlbee-3.5.1-openssl-1.1.0.patch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Tue Mar 04 2014

# optimized out: asciidoc docbook-dtds docbook-style-xsl libcom_err-devel libgcrypt-devel libgpg-error libgpg-error-devel libkrb5-devel pkg-config python-base python-modules python-modules-compiler python-modules-email python-modules-encodings python-modules-xml xml-common xml-utils xsltproc
BuildRequires: asciidoc-a2x glib2-devel libotr5-devel libssl-devel time

BitlBee brings IM (instant messaging) to IRC clients. It's a great
solution for people who have an IRC client running all the time and
don't want to run an additional MSN/AIM/whatever client.

BitlBee currently supports the following IM networks/protocols:
XMPP/Jabber (including Google Talk), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger,
AIM and ICQ, and the Twitter microblogging network (plus all other
Twitter API compatible services like identi.ca and status.net).

%package devel
Group: Development/C
Summary: Development environment for %name, %summary
%description devel

%package skyped
Group: Networking/Instant messaging
Summary: Skype daemon and plugin for %name
%description skyped

%package otr
Group: Networking/Instant messaging
Summary: Off-the-record (OTR) plugin for %name
%description otr

# Hack BITLBEE_VERSION into pkgconfig
sed -i 's/\Version: $BITLBEE_VERSION/Version: %version/' configure
# Hack out root check from systemd files installer
sed -i 's/\$(shell id -u),0/0,0/' Makefile

%patch -p1

./configure \
       --prefix=%prefix \
       --bindir=%_sbindir \
       --etcdir=%_sysconfdir/%name \
       --mandir=%_mandir \
       --datadir=%_datadir/%name \
       --config=%_localstatedir/%name \
       --pcdir=%_libdir/pkgconfig \
       --plugindir=%_libdir/%name \
--systemdsystemunitdir=%_unitdir \
       --strip=0 \
       --plugins=1 \
--otr=plugin --skype=plugin --ssl=openssl
# TODO unhack trail slashes in Makefile.settings generated by configure

# Make a reasonable config

sed -i '/^[# ]*DaemonInterface *=/aDaemonInterface =
/[^# ]*User *=/aUser = %name
' bitlbee.conf

%makeinstall DESTDIR=%buildroot ETCDIR=%_sysconfdir/%name install-dev install-etc install-systemd
mkdir -p %buildroot%_localstatedir/%name
install -m 755 -D %SOURCE1  %buildroot%_initdir/%name

/usr/sbin/useradd -r -d %_localstatedir/%name -s /dev/null %name || :

%post_service %name

%preun_service %name
%doc doc/user-guide/*.xml doc/user-guide/*.txt
%doc utils
%dir %_sysconfdir/%name
%config(noreplace) %_sysconfdir/%name/*
%attr(0700,bitlbee,bitlbee) %dir %_localstatedir/%name

%files otr

%files skyped
%doc protocols/skype/HACKING protocols/skype/README protocols/skype/skyped.conf.dist protocols/skype/skyped.txt protocols/skype/skyped.cnf
%dir %_sysconfdir/skyped
%exclude %_sysconfdir/skyped/*

%files devel
%doc doc/example_plugin.c


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