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Пакет: cacti-plugin-cycle

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%define _name cycle
Name: cacti-plugin-%_name
Version: 4.0
Release: alt0.1

%define cactiplugindir %_datadir/cacti/plugins

Summary: Automatically cycle through cacti graphs

License: GPLv2+
Group: Monitoring

URL: http://cactiusers.org
Source: %name-%version.tar
Patch: %name-%version-%release.patch

Requires: cacti >= 1.0.0
BuildArch: noarch

This plugin allows you to automatically view the Cacti graphs one by one
after a specified time delay.
   You can set cycle time delay.
   Can set permissions on who can view.
   Graph height and width can be specified.
   Graphs are not displayed if the user does not have access to them.
   Title of graph is displayed, font face, size and color can be changed.
   You can use the Prev/Next buttons to change graph.
   You can stop the rotation with the Stop button.
   The time until the next graph change is displayed under the title.
   It can use a custom graph list and only cycle through those.

%setup -q
#%patch -p1


mkdir -p %buildroot%cactiplugindir/%_name

cp -a * %buildroot%cactiplugindir/%_name/
rm -rf %buildroot%cactiplugindir/%_name/{LICENSE,README.md}



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