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Группа :: Система/Серверы
Пакет: dhcpcd

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%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1
%set_verify_elf_method strict

%define dbdir %_localstatedir/%name

Name: dhcpcd
Epoch: 1
Version: 7.0.0
Release: alt1

Summary: DHCP Client
License: %bsd
Group: System/Servers

URL: http://roy.marples.name/projects/%name
Source: %name-%version.tar
Patch0: %name-%version-%release.patch

# Patches from upstream git

# Should be dropped when new version will be released
Patch1: dhcp-don-t-bind-when-we-ve-just-probed-an-address-to.patch
Patch2: eloop-bench-fix-reading-the-last-write.patch
Patch3: eloop-bench-use-calloc.patch
Patch4: if-don-t-activate-non-matching-interfaces-to-command.patch
Patch5: dhcp-don-t-loop-needlessly-when-handling-an-interfac.patch

AutoReq: yes, noshell

BuildRequires: rpm-build-licenses

Conflicts: etcnet < 0.9.10-alt6

# NetworkManager can use dhcpcd

Provides: nm-dhcp-client

dhcpcd is an implementation of the DHCP client specified in RFC2131.

It gets the host information (IP address, netmask, broadcast address, etc.)
from a DHCP server and configures the network interface of the machine on
which it is running. It also tries to renew the lease time according to RFC2131.

%setup -q
%patch0 -p1
%patch1 -p1
%patch2 -p1
%patch3 -p1
%patch4 -p1
%patch5 -p1

%add_optflags -fpie
export LDFLAGS=-pie
%configure \
       --sbindir=/sbin \
       --rundir=/var/run \
       --libexecdir=/lib/%name \
       --dbdir=%dbdir \
       --serviceexists='[ -x %_initdir/"$1" ]' \
       --servicecmd='/sbin/service "$1" >/dev/null 2>&1' \
       --with-hook=ntp.conf \
       --with-hook=lookup-hostname \
       --enable-ipv4 \
       --enable-ipv6 \
--enable-dhcp6 \
--enable-auth \
--enable-ipv4ll \

%makeinstall_std BINMODE=0755

%triggerpostun -- %name < 1:5.0.0
if grep -qs '^[[:blank:]]*clientid' %_sysconfdir/%name.conf; then
echo "WARNING: *clientid* option is detected in %_sysconfdir/%name.conf."
echo "The behavior of this option was changed since dhcpcd-5."
echo "Now it means TO SEND clientid to the server."

# These files changed their name/location since 7.0.0.

# Don't move lease files, they can be used and often removed when dhcpcd
# is exited.
%triggerpostun -- %name < 1:7.0.0
for f in duid secret; do
if [ -e %_sysconfdir/dhcpcd.$f ] && [ ! -e %dbdir/$f ]; then
echo "%_sysconfdir/dhcpcd.$f found, moving to %dbdir/$f"
mv "%_sysconfdir/dhcpcd.$f" "%dbdir/$f"
if [ ! -e %dbdir/rdm_monotonic ] && [ -e %dbdir/dhcpcd-rdm.monotonic ]; then
mv %dbdir/dhcpcd-rdm.monotonic %dbdir/rdm_monotonic

%config(noreplace) %_sysconfdir/%name.conf
%dir %_localstatedir/%name
%dir /lib/%name
%dir /lib/%name/%name-hooks

# Ingnore all additional hooks:

#   wpa_supplicant: wpa_supplicant should be handled by etcnet
#   tzupdate: it should use tzupdate but what about configuration files?
%exclude %_datadir/%name/


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