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Пакет: ghc7.10.3

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Name: ghc7.10.3
Version: 7.10.3
Release: alt3

Summary: Glasgow Haskell Compilation system
License: BSD style w/o adv. clause
Group: Development/Haskell
Url: http://haskell.org/ghc/

Source: %name-%version.tar
Source1: ghc.macros
Patch: ghc-%version-%release.patch

Requires: %name-common
Requires: libffi-devel libgmp-devel
# <https://bugzilla.altlinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31576>:
# maybe this bug requires more investigation to understand
# who goes crazy: a GHC lib or glibc,
# but now we simply work-around it:
Requires: glibc-gconv-modules

# The installed Haskell libs will be processed:

Requires(pre,postun): haskell-filetrigger >= 0.0.5-alt3
# <https://www.altlinux.org/RPM_Macros_Packaging_Policy>:
Requires: rpm-build-haskell >= 1.4.4-alt1
# (rpm-build-haskell-1-alt26 has been adapted to allow builds
# of Haskell modules without ghcN.N.N-common.)

# For ghc-pkg with rpath running during install, see:

# https://www.altlinux.org/Hasher/FAQ
# https://lists.altlinux.org/pipermail/devel/2018-April/204171.html
# Not needed after rebuild with separate single directory for shared libraries
BuildRequires: /proc

# Build with the same version, previous release.

BuildPreReq: ghc7.10.3-common

# Generally, this could work with APT, after the "ghc" pseudo-package

# is brought back through Provides (allowing to rebuild this package in
# different environments):
# <https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/Building/Preparation/Tools>:
# In general, we support building with the previous 2 major releases, e.g.:
#BuildPreReq: ghc >= 7.2
# Newer GHC may be incompatible with the code of the current GHC:
#BuildPreReq: ghc <= %version

# Automatically added by buildreq on Fri Apr 26 2013

# optimized out: ghc7.6.1-common gnu-config libgpg-error libtinfo-devel pkg-config python-base time xml-common xml-utils zlib-devel
BuildRequires: binutils-devel docbook-dtds docbook-style-xsl libelf-devel libffi-devel libgmp-devel libncurses-devel xsltproc

# Can't build when installed

#BuildRequires: dblatex

%def_without hscolour
%if_with hscolour
BuildRequires: ghc(hscolour)

Provides: haskell(abi) = %version

Haskell is a standard lazy functional programming language; the
current language version is Haskell 98, agreed in December 1998.

GHC is a state-of-the-art programming suite for Haskell.  Included is
an optimising compiler generating good code for a variety of
platforms, together with an interactive system for convenient, quick
development.  The distribution includes space and time profiling
facilities, a large collection of libraries, and support for various
language extensions, including concurrency, exceptions, and foreign
language interfaces (C, C++, whatever).

A wide variety of Haskell related resources (tutorials, libraries,
specifications, documentation, compilers, interpreters, references,
contact information, links to research groups) are available from the
Haskell home page at <http://www.haskell.org/>.

%package common
BuildArch: noarch
Summary: Selects the default version of Glasgow Haskell Compilation system
Group: Development/Haskell

Provides: ghc = %EVR
Conflicts: ghc < %EVR
Conflicts: ghc > %EVR

Requires: %name = %EVR
Requires: rpm-macros-%{name}-common = %EVR

# <https://www.haskell.org/ghc/download_ghc_7_6_1>:

Conflicts: cabal-install < 0.8

Conflicts: ghc7.4.1-common
Conflicts: ghc7.4.2-common

%description common
Install this package to select %version as the default version
of Glasgow Haskell Compiler.

It will provide the common names for the GHC executables
(like unversioned /usr/bin/ghc).

And it will make rpm-build-haskell use this version of GHC for
building other Haskell packages
(if their .spec refers to %%ghc_version and %%_ghclibdir).

%package -n rpm-macros-%{name}-common
Summary: Set of RPM macros for packaging %name-based applications
Group: Development/Other
# uncomment if macroses are platform-neutral
BuildArch: noarch
# helps old apt to resolve file conflict at dist-upgrade (thanks to Stanislav Ievlev)
Conflicts: ghc7.6.1-common <= 7.6.1-alt1

Conflicts: rpm-macros-ghc7.6.1-common
Provides: rpm-macros-ghc-common = %EVR
Conflicts: rpm-macros-ghc-common < %EVR
Conflicts: rpm-macros-ghc-common > %EVR

%description -n rpm-macros-%{name}-common
Set of RPM macros for packaging %name-based applications for ALT Linux.
Install this package if you want to create RPM packages that use %name.

%package doc
Summary: Documentation for GHC
Group: Development/Haskell

%description doc
Preformatted documentation for the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
(GHC) and its libraries. Install it if you like to have local
access to the documentation in PostScript and HTML format.
Alternatively, the documentation is available online at

%patch -p1

%define _configure_target %nil
#autoreconf -fisv
%configure --with-system-libffi
%make_build V=1

%define docdir %_docdir/%name-%version
%makeinstall_std docdir=%docdir
mv %buildroot%docdir/html/* %buildroot%docdir/
rmdir %buildroot%docdir/html

# ghc-7.10.3 has name_hashtag core package directories

## generate fake .pkg configs for core packages.
## haskell.prov will convert them to package provides.
#for lib in %buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/*-[0-9]*; do
#       namever="$(basename "$lib")"
#       name="${namever%%-*}"
#       echo -e "name: $name\nversion: ${namever##*-}" >"$lib/$name.pkg"
cp -a ANNOUNCE LICENSE README.md %buildroot%docdir/

# generate the file list for lib/ _excluding_ all files needed for profiling

# only
# * generating file lists in a BUILD_ROOT spec is a bit tricky: the file list
#   has to contain complete paths, _but_ without the BUILD_ROOT, we also do
#   _not_ want to have directory names in the list; furthermore, we have to make
#   sure that any leading / is removed from %%_libdir, as find has to
#   interpret the argument as a relative path; however, we have to include the
#   leading / again in the final file list (otherwise, rpm complains)
# * isn't there an easier way to do all this?
pushd %buildroot >/dev/null
find .%_libdir ! -type d ! -name 'package.conf*' \
    -print | sed 's|^\.||'
find .%_libdir -type d -print | sed 's|^\.|%%dir |'
popd >/dev/null
} > rpm-files

# touch our "ghost". ghc-pkg may create him later.

touch %buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/package.conf.old
# package-provided *.confs go in this directory:
mkdir -p %buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/package.conf.d

# generate separate single directory for core dynamic libraries

mkdir -p %buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/lib
for so in %buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/*/*-ghc%version.so; do
      relpath="$(relative "$so" "%buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/lib/")"
      ln -s "$relpath" %buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/lib/

mkdir -p %buildroot%_sysconfdir/ld.so.conf.d
echo "%_libdir/ghc-%version/lib" >%buildroot%_sysconfdir/ld.so.conf.d/ghc-%version.conf

# need for multiple ghc versions installed

for s in hp2ps hpc hsc2hs; do
   mv %buildroot%_bindir/"$s" %buildroot%_bindir/"$s"-%version
   ln -s "$s"-%version %buildroot%_bindir/"$s"

# Check the correctness of our packaging:

# all unversioned executables must be symlinks:
for s in %buildroot%_bindir/*; do
   case "$s" in
   *-%{version}) :
   *) test -L "$s"

mv %buildroot%_man1dir/ghc.1 %buildroot%_man1dir/%name.1

sed -i 's!/html/!/!' %buildroot%_libdir/ghc-%version/package.conf.d/*.conf

# install and fix up the macros file

mkdir -p %buildroot%_rpmmacrosdir
install %SOURCE1 %buildroot%_rpmmacrosdir/ghc
sed -i 's/ at GHC_VERSION at /%version/' %buildroot%_rpmmacrosdir/ghc

%dir %docdir/
%ghost %_libdir/ghc-%version/package.conf.old
%dir %_libdir/ghc-%version/package.conf.d
%dir %_libdir/ghc-%version/lib
%config %_sysconfdir/ld.so.conf.d/ghc-%version.conf

%files common
%exclude %_bindir/*-%version

%files -n rpm-macros-%{name}-common

%files doc
%exclude %docdir/[AR]*


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