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Пакет: po4a

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%define module Po4a
%define m_distro po4a
%define m_name %module
%define m_author_id unknown
%define _disable_test 0

Name: po4a
Version: 0.47
Release: alt1

Summary: Tools for helping translation of documentation

License: GPL
Group: Text tools

Url: http://po4a.alioth.debian.org/
# VCS: https://alioth.debian.org/anonscm/git/po4a/po4a.git

Packager: Vitaly Lipatov <lav at altlinux.ru>

BuildArch: noarch

# Note! change this magic number before upgrade

Source: %name-%version.tar

# Automatically added by buildreq on Sat Sep 07 2013

# optimized out: docbook-dtds libgpg-error perl-CPAN-Meta perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements perl-CPAN-Meta-YAML perl-Encode perl-JSON-PP perl-Module-Metadata perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta perl-Perl-OSType perl-Pod-Escapes perl-Pod-Parser perl-Pod-Simple perl-Text-CharWidth perl-devel perl-podlators python3-base xml-common
BuildRequires: docbook-style-xsl perl-HTML-Parser perl-Locale-gettext perl-Module-Build perl-SGMLSpm perl-Term-ReadKey perl-Text-WrapI18N xsltproc

# automatically added during perl 5.8 -> 5.12 upgrade.

# perl-podlators is required for pod2man conversion.
BuildRequires: perl-podlators

BuildRequires:  perl-Module-Build >= 0.40
BuildRequires:  perl-SGMLSpm >= 1.03ii
BuildRequires:  perl-Pod-Parser
# for Unicode::GCString
BuildRequires:  perl-Unicode-LineBreak

The po4a (po for anything) project goal is to ease translations (and
more interestingly, the maintenance of translations) using gettext
tools on areas where they were not expected like documentation.

This package contains the main libraries of po4a, and the following
- KernelHelp: Help messages of each kernel compilation option.
- Man: Good old manual page format.
- Pod: Perl documentation format.
- Sgml: either debiandoc or docbook DTD.
- Dia: uncompressed Dia diagrams.
- LaTeX: generic TeX or LaTeX format


export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
%perl_vendor_build --install_path bindoc=%_man1dir

# requires texlive, which is too heavy for the package
rm t/24-tex.t
./Build test

%find_lang %name
# remove localized man pages
rm -rf %buildroot%_mandir/??{,_??}
rm -rf %buildroot%perl_vendor_privlib/i386-linux/

%files -f %name.lang
# Locale already created in perl-Locale-gettext


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