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Пакет: python3-module-Polygon

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Текущая версия: 3.0.8-alt1
Время сборки: 14 апреля 2020, 05:50 ( 47.0 недели назад )
Размер архива: 58.17 Kb

Домашняя страница:   http://www.j-raedler.de/projects/polygon/

Лицензия: LGPL with exception
О пакете: Python package that handles polygonal shapes in 2D

Polygon is a python package that handles polygonal shapes in 2D. It
contains Python bindings for gpc, the excellent General Polygon Clipping
Library by Alan Murta and some extensions written in C and pure Python.
With Polygon you may handle complex polygonal shapes in Python in a very
intuitive way. Polygons are simple Python objects, clipping operations
are bound to standard operators like +, -, |, & and ^. TriStrips can be
constructed from Polygons with a single statement. Functions to compute
the area, center point, convex hull, point containment and much more are
included. This package was already used to process shapes with more than
one million points!

gpc is included in Polygon and is distributed under other license.
gpc homepage: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~toby/alan/software/

GPC is free for non-commercial use only. We invite non-commercial users
to make a voluntary donation towards the upkeep of GPC. If you wish to
use GPC in support of a commercial product, you must obtain an official
GPC Commercial Use Licence from The University of Manchester.

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