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descrição registros
monit Process monitor and restart utility 55
mkimage-profiles ALT based distribution metaprofile 47
libalsa Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library 36
wget An utility for retrieving files using the HTTP, HTTPS or FTP protocols 30
MAKEDEV A program used for creating the device files in /dev 26
webalizer Web/ftp/proxy server log analyser 18
MySQL A very fast and reliable SQL database engine 16
recoll A personal full text search package 15
TiMidity++ Great-sounding CPU-hungry MIDI soundfile player 14
gammu Mobile phones management utility 12
memtest86 Memory test for x86 architecture 12
autologin Automatically log in 10
memtest86+ Memory test for x86 architecture 10
squeak-vm The Squeak virtual machine 10
strongswan strongSwan IPsec implementation 10
gpart Hard disk partition table reconstruction 8
iftop Display bandwidth usage on an interface 8
irda-utils Utilities for infrared communication between devices 8
libmikmod A portable sound library for Unix 8
openbabel Chemistry software file format converter 8
remind Remind is a full-featured calendar/alarm program 8
amphetamine Amphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run game 6
ettcp A tool for testing TCP throughut between two nodes 6
galculator GTK3 based scientific calculator 6
links2 Lynx-like text and graphics WWW browser 6
lxde-lxpanel LXPanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel 6
putty Free SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client 6
rss_glx Really Slick Screensavers 6
tidy HTML Tidy helps keep webpages clean 6
abook Text-based addressbook program for mutt 4
bonnie++ A program for benchmarking hard drives and filesystems 4
check A unit test framework for C 4
chemtool A program for 2D drawing organic molecules 4
directfb DirectFB - drivers and binaries 4
enca A program that guesses encoding of text files 4
koules Action game with multiplayer, network and sound support 4
lbdb The Little Brother's Database 4
lbuscd's appserver side remote media service 4
leafnode a leafsite NNTP server 4
mikmod A MOD music file player 4
nethogs net top 4
qiv Quick Image Viewer 4
qpxtool QPxTool - CD/DVD quality check utility with QT GUI 4
skipstone Simple WebKit-based web browser 4
sshutout Stop SSH dictionary attacks 4
swftools A collection of SWF manipulation and generation utilities 4
unfs3 UNFS3 user-space NFSv3 server 4
wmclock Dockable clock applet for Window Maker 4
zip A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP/WinZIP 4
lxde Virtual package for install all parts of LXDE 3
OpenSceneGraph High performance real-time graphics toolkit 2
PDFlib-Lite A library for on-the-fly PDF generation 2
RasMol Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool 2
WMmp A (Window Maker) dock app for interfacing MPD 2
alterator-livecd special steps for LiveCD installers 2
apmd Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities for laptops 2
audiofile Library to handle various audio file formats 2
bing Bing, a point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool (b from Bandwith) 2
enconvmv convmv meets enca 2
fix-mime-charset Fix incorrect charset information in Content-Type MIME headers of e-mail messages 2
frozen-bubble Frozen Bubble arcade game 2
gqview Image viewer and browser utility 2
gtkcdlabel a utility to generate cd covers with cdlabelgen 2
gwc Gnome Wave Cleaner 2
installer Installer common parts 2
installer-feature-ltsp Linux Terminal Server Project 2
installer-feature-runlevel5-stage3 Provide a system with graphical boot 2
isomaster An open-source, graphical CD image editor 2
jmtpfs FUSE based MTP filesystem 2
kernel-image-std-def The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) 2
lft Alternative traceroute tool for network (reverse) engineers 2
lxde-lxdm Lightweight X11 Display Manager 2
mailcap Associates helper applications with particular file types 2
mars_nwe NetWare file and print servers which run on Linux systems. 2
metromap Metro (subway) navigator 2
mp3info Utility for MP3 information and tag modification 2
mtools Programs for accessing FAT formatted media without mounting it 2
mtr Matt's Traceroute - network diagnostic tool 2
numactl Simple NUMA policy support 2
openmotif The Open Motif 2
pdksh A public domain clone of the Korn shell (ksh) 2
picolisp Interpreted Lisp 2
powertop1 Tool that helps you find what software is using the most power 2
qmtcc Qt based graphical frontend to multitran dictionary 2
quiterss RSS/Atom aggregator 2
rage EFL Video Player 2
recode The `recode' library converts files between character sets and usages 2
sredird RFC 2217-compliant serial port redirector 2
t1lib Type 1 font rasterizer 2
tango-icon-theme Tango Icon Library 2
tin A basic Internet news reader 2
unace ACE unarchiver 2
utf8proc Library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings 2
valentina Pattern Making Application 2
vice Versatile Commodore Emulator 2
virt-what Detect if we are running in a virtual machine 2
wmWeather Applet that displays the weather 2
wmforkplop Cute system process monitoring applet 2
xapian-core The Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library 2
xjewel An X Window System game of falling jewel blocks 2
xli X11 Image Loading Utility 2
FlightGear-data Data pack for FlightGear open-source flight simulator 1
autologin-sh-functions helper functions for autologin setup 1
chestnut-dialer A PPP dialing program written in Python 1
dict-slovnyk_be-en Dictionary: Slovnyk Belorussian-English 1
dict-slovnyk_en-ru Dictionary: Slovnyk English-Russian 1
dict-slovnyk_ru-en Dictionary: Slovnyk Russian-English 1
dstat Versatile vmstat, iostat and ifstat replacement 1
efi-memtest86 EFI binary of Passmark Memtest86 V5 1
fonts-type1-dmtr40in Free sans serif font from Dmitry Sorokin 1
fonts-type1-urw Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts 1
howto-utils Index generator for HTML formatted HOWTO documents from LDP 1
installer-distro-altlinux-server Installer configuration (server) 1
installer-feature-add-memtest Ensure that memtest* is added to bootloader config 1
installer-feature-desktop-other-fs Mount existing filesystems too 1
installer-feature-repo-add Add the installation media to APT configuration 1
livecd-net-eth Try to autoconfigure ethernet interfaces 1
livecd-tmpfs Provide enough tmpfs for hasher/mkimage to work efficiently 1
lxmenu-data application menu definition files 1
parallel A shell tool for executing jobs in parallel 1
polkit-sysvinit Allow media/network changes to xgrp users 1
ruby-xmpp4r XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby 1
timidity-instruments Instruments for the timidity midi->wave converter/player 1
vim-plugin-spec_alt-ftplugin Vim plugin for easy ALT RPM spec editing 1
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