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Sisyphus is daily updated free software repository by ALT Linux Team. Participation in Sisyphus project is open for anyone. This project is based upon software packaging and dependency tracking technologies as well as robust developer collaboration processes.

Any ALT Linux distribution and APT package manager is sufficient to use Sisyphus regular LiveCD builds

Sisyphus is a solution set constantly being under development which can be used to create universal or specialized Linux distributions or just single systems.

Sisyphus is not intended for end users and its usage may result in unpredictable behaviour. You might want to use ALT Linux distributions and their usual updates if you want to run a reliable system.

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Latest changes

SRPMs transfer on 18 april 2021

New : 2 source rpm : 72.24 Mb
Updated : 20 binary rpm : 229.96 Mb
Removed : Total: 302.19 Mb


gprolog-1.5.0-alt0.1   build Dmitry V. Levin, 17 april 2021, 08:00

Group: Development/Other
Summary: GNU Prolog compiler
- v1.4.5-26-g0db40713.
- Removed compilation date from packaged files (patch by Antoine Belvire).

nemiver-0.9.6-alt7   build Fr. Br. George, 17 april 2021, 14:56

Group: Development/Debuggers
Summary: A GNOME C/C++ Debugger
- resurrected from orphans

Updated SRPMs

ImageMagick-   build (NMU) Michael Shigorin, 17 april 2021, 05:29

Maintainer: Anton Farygin
Group: Graphics
Summary: An X application for displaying and manipulating images
- E2K: use -fopenmp instead of -lomp but still --disable-openmp

cve-manager-0.51.0-alt1   build Alexey Appolonov, 17 april 2021, 19:42

Group: Other
Summary: CVE-management toolkit
- Disputed vulnerabilities are highlighted in cve-monitor reports;
- Improved algorithm of partial matching;
- Fixed handling of prescribed name matches (in some cases the prescriptions
had no effect).

cve-manager-inner-knowledge-2021.04.15-alt1   build Alexey Appolonov, 15 april 2021, 14:19

Group: Other
Summary: Supplimentary data for cve-manager
- Updated lists.

gedit-40.1-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 17 april 2021, 07:40

Group: Editors
Summary: gEdit is a small but powerful text editor for GNOME
- 40.1

gnome-commander-1.12.1-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 17 april 2021, 20:00

Group: File tools
Summary: A Gnome file manager similar to the Norton Commander (TM)
- 1.12.1

gpm-1.20.1-alt18.2   build Anton V. Boyarshiniv, 15 april 2021, 13:36

Group: System/Servers
Summary: A mouse server for the Linux console
- build with gcc10 hackarounded

icestorm-   build Egor Ignatov, 17 april 2021, 12:29

Group: Engineering
Summary: Tools for working with Lattice iCE40 bitstream files
- New version

iverilog-11.0-alt1   build Egor Ignatov, 17 april 2021, 13:38

Group: Engineering
Summary: Verilog simulation and synthesis tool
- New version

libflatbuffers-1.12.0-alt2   build Michael Shigorin, 17 april 2021, 18:38

Group: System/Libraries
Summary: Memory Efficient Serialization Library
- E2K: workaround ftbfs with (stricter) lcc

libopenjpeg2.0-2.4.0-alt2   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 17 april 2021, 12:44

Group: System/Libraries
Summary: JPEG 2000 codec library (API version 2.0)
- improved "docs" knob
- prepared %check

mailx-8.1.2-alt8   build Dmitry V. Levin, 17 april 2021, 08:00

Group: Networking/Mail
Summary: The /bin/mail program for sending e-mail messages
- %add_optflags -fcommon.

matterbridge-1.22.1-alt1   build Vladimir D. Seleznev, 18 april 2021, 02:18

Group: Networking/Instant messaging
Summary: A simple chat bridge
- Updated to 1.22.1.

mtools-4.0.27-alt1   build Michael Shigorin, 17 april 2021, 11:28

Group: File tools
Summary: Programs for accessing FAT formatted media without mounting it
- new version (watch file uupdate)

nnn-4.0-alt1   build Andrew A. Vasilyev (Andrew A. Vasilyev), 17 april 2021, 19:00

Group: File tools
Summary: A full-featured terminal file manager
- 3.7 -> 4.0

python-module-notify-0.1.1-alt7   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 17 april 2021, 09:57

Maintainer: Python Development Team
Group: System/Libraries
Summary: Python bindings for libnotify
- fixed build with -fno-common
- fixed License tag

python3-module-colorlog-5.0.1-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 17 april 2021, 08:04

Group: Development/Python3
Summary: Python 3 module for log formatting with colors
- 5.0.1

vim-plugin-fugitive-3.3-alt1   build Vladimir D. Seleznev, 17 april 2021, 18:09

Group: Editors
Summary: A Git wrapper for Vim
- Updated to v3.3.
- Did not pack README.markdown.

websocat-1.8.0-alt1   build Vladimir D. Seleznev, 17 april 2021, 17:53

Group: Networking/Other
Summary: Netcat, curl and socat for WebSockets
- Updated to v1.8.0.

xz-5.2.5-alt2   build Andrew Savchenko, 16 april 2021, 14:19

Group: Archiving/Compression
Summary: LZMA/XZ compression programs
- Fix profiling on e2k by adapting to lcc peculiarities.

zaz-1.0.1-alt1   build Fr. Br. George, 17 april 2021, 07:29

Group: Games/Arcade
Summary: A puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets
- Autobuild version bump to 1.0.1

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