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24 setembro 2020 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.20.3-alt2

  • New bin package 'control++-wl' that contains files that can help to configure
     whitelist permission mode.

8 setembro 2020 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.20.3-alt1

  • Modified testing procedures that reduce traces of them been running.

4 setembro 2020 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.20.2-alt1

  • Polished tests.

24 novembro 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.20.1-alt1

  • Corrected flow of printing procedures;
  • Tests for a black/white lists mode settings.

24 agosto 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.20.0-alt1

  • Recursive formation of the modes for directories is optimized
     (performance gain up to 100%);
  • Most of the printing is done with the use of new and previously existed
     abilities of TPrinter class.

24 julho 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.19.0-alt2

  • Enhanced manual.

23 abril 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.19.0-alt1

  • Ability to perform exclusive mode setting for a unit ('micro mode');
  • Ability to check compliance of micro modes;
  • Fix of flaw that was manifested during setting of empty permission mode;
  • More feedback with 'verbose' option.

5 abril 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.18.1-alt1

  • Bug fixes.

11 março 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.18.0-alt1

  • Verbose output option;
  • Bug fixes.

6 março 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.17.0-alt2

  • Enhanced manual.

6 março 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.17.0-alt1

  • File links are ignored during recursive mode setting for dirs
     (hence links that are not in the whitelist ignored as well).

4 março 2019 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.16.0-alt1

  • Ability to add comments into lists of files for the permission unit;
  • Fixed determination of disallowed essential applications;
  • Silent termination in case user chose to abort mode setting;
  • Reduced number of warning/error messages displayed on every access error.

3 dezembro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.15.0-alt1

  • Mode reset is marked by cleared internal configuration file;
  • 'mode for dirs' is applicable for all directories, not nested only;
  • Attempt to set neutral mode is not qualified as error;
  • Fix of the segmentation violation;
  • New samples.

30 novembro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.14.0-alt1

  • Ability to recursively process listed files ('list_r', 'whitelist' and
     'blacklist' sections) by the permissions unit;
  • Ability to alter the order of execution of the units;
  • Much more efficient version of UniquifyModes function;
  • Memory leakages as well as some segmentation fault errors are eliminated.

18 novembro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.13.0-alt1

  • Rewritten permissions unit - there is no separation between handling the ACLs
     or regular permission modes, sector types of the mode description determined
     once and then can be accesed at ease, code became simpler to understand
     and to modify.

11 novembro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.12.2-alt1

  • The mode of the top level dir will not be left unchanged during mode setting
     for the 'dir' section;
  • Another fix of the UniquifyPermsOrACLs function;
  • Detection of non-unique permission modes is enabled by default.

6 novembro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.12.1-alt1

  • Only regular files, symlinks and directories are processed
     for the 'dir'/'dir_r' permission mode setting;
  • Mode saving is aborted if mode name cannot be found among names
     of the available modes;
  • Fixed UniquifyPermsOrACLs function;
  • Extended manual.

28 outubro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.12.0-alt1

  • Ability to exclude paths from mode setting;
  • Ability to check uniqueness of the given permission modes;
  • Handling the controversy between internal and external configs;
  • Not printing current submodes if main mode isn't set;
  • Using Yes/No dialog function of the libcontrol++;
  • Not restoring the state if current mode is unknown;
  • Ability to state 'base dir' for the 'list' permission;
  • Optimized 'whitelist' permission mode setting.

15 outubro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.11.0-alt1

  • Pass setting/checking mode for non existent files;
  • It's OK to not have 'reset' file if current mode is not stated;
  • Terminating if main or internal conf are not accessible;
  • Generated files are stored in /var/lib/control++;
  • New functionality of the libcontrol++ TPrinter;
  • Adjusted dialogs.

1 outubro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.10.0-alt1

  • Units can have many config files;
  • Determining available modes by the units themselves;
  • Ability to not specify some of the submodes;
  • Ability to state '*' bit (that means don't change) in permission mode
     or as owner or group, not stated owner/group is '*' owner/group;
  • Ability to change mode for all files of the dir, ability to state different
     modes for nested dirs, ability to change mode for the dir recursively;
  • Implementation of the black/white list concept;
  • Every unit can reset it's mode (restore the state that held before
     the current mode was set);
  • Every unit must reset the current mode before setting up the new one;
  • Every unit can check current mode compliance;
  • Storing current mode and all the submodes in the internal configuration file
     used for compliance-checking;
  • Starter unit is running 'do' file when setting up a mode;
  • There is no default mode anymore;
  • Term 'corrupted mode' is discarded;
  • Proper feedback by all units;
  • Delegating some of the functions and classes to the libcontol++;
  • Russian manual.

8 agosto 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.9.2-alt2

  • libcontrol++ is a separate package now.

8 agosto 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.9.2-alt1

  • Fix of the "starter" unit;
  • Excluding aarch64.

2 junho 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.9.1-alt1

  • Memory leakage fix.

21 maio 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.9.0-alt1

  • New libcontrol++ features.

16 março 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.8.0-alt1

  • New libcontrol++ features.

26 fevereiro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.7.0-alt1

  • New libcontrol++ features.

14 fevereiro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.6.0-alt1

  • Common classes and functions that can be used in other projects
     compiled as
     therefore libcontrol++ and libcontrol++-devel subpackages.

26 janeiro 2018 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.5.1-alt1

  • Code restyling.
  • Minor changes in units handling.

11 dezembro 2017 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.5.0-alt1

  • New unit, that runs script stated in configuration file.

4 dezembro 2017 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.4.2-alt1

  • Handling of values in quotes in configuration files.
  • Verbose output with -v param when setting mode.

30 novembro 2017 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.4.1-alt1

  • Comment lines passing in configuration files.

30 novembro 2017 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.4.0-alt1

  • Ability to set permission modes.

27 novembro 2017 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.3.0-alt1

  • Restructure for better extensibility.

27 novembro 2017 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.2.0-alt1

  • Support of INI file format for the configuration file.

17 novembro 2017 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at> 0.1.0-alt1

  • Initial ALT Linux release.
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