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mkimage-profiles ALT based distribution metaprofile 53
deadbeef DeaDBeeF is an audio player 33
kicad An open source software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams 16
pcmanfm PCMan File Manager 16
lxde-lxpanel LXPanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel 14
bluefish A GTK3 web development application for experienced users 12
otter-browser Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5 12
qpdfview Tabbed PDF viewer using the poppler library 12
cura 3D printer control software 10
lxde-lxsession LXSession is the default X11 session manager of LXDE 8
lxqt-panel Desktop panel 8
openscada Open SCADA system 8
shotcut A free, open source, cross-platform video editor 8
OpenBoard Interactive whiteboard for schools and universities 6
gsmlib Library to access GSM mobile phones through GSM modems 6
lxde-common Basic infrastructure for LXDE. 6
syncthing FOSS Continuous File Synchronisation 6
wxGTK3.0 The GTK+ port of the wxWidgets library 6
wxGTK3.1 The GTK+ port of the wxWidgets library 6
xchm xCHM - the CHM viewer for UNIX 6
arm-none-eabi-gcc GNU GCC for cross-compilation for arm-none-eabi target 4
flow-capture Flow-capture in Netflow collector program 4
gns3-gui GNS3 Graphical User Interface 4
jack-audio-connection-kit The Jack Audio Connection Kit 4
lxde-lxdm Lightweight X11 Display Manager 4
lxde-lxterminal Desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator for LXDE 4
menu-cache Library and utils to speed up the manipulation for menu 4
obs-studio Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming 4
pcmanfm-qt PCManFM-Qt is the Qt port of the LXDE file manager PCManFM 4
qps Visual process status monitor 4
screengrab ScreenGrab is a tool for geting screenshots 4
alterator-setup Perform initial setup of an OEM installation (warning!) 3
branding-alt-sisyphus System/Base 3
lxde Virtual package for install all parts of LXDE 3
cairo-dock-plugins Plugins for cairo-dock 2
cinnamon A Linux desktop which provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience. 2
earlyoom Early OOM Daemon for Linux 2
faac FAAC is a Freeware Advanced Audio Coder 2
gnuradio Software defined radio framework 2
libqtxdg Qt implementation of xdg specs 2
libwxGTK3.0-sqlite3 C++ wrapper around the SQLite 3.x database 2
lxde-lxhotkey Setup hot keys for LXDE 2
lxqt Meta package for install LxQt 2
lxqt-powermanagement Powermanagement module for LXQt 2
lxqt-qtplugin LxQt platform integration plugin for Qt 2
meshlab A system for processing and editing unstructured 3D triangular meshes 2
minicom A text-menu-driven modem control and terminal emulation program 2
obconf Obconf is a configuration tool for the Openbox window manager 2
openbox Openbox is a standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager 2
python-module-matplotlib Matlab(TM) style python plotting package 2
rtl-sdr SDR utilities for Realtek RTL2832 based DVB-T dongles 2
spacefm Multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager 2
sqlitebrowser Official home of the DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) project 2
supertux2 Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a Super Mario style 2
vcmi Open-source project aiming to reimplement HMM3:WoG game engine 2
wsjtx WSJT-X implements communication protocols or "modes" called JT4, JT9, JT65, and WSPR 2
zita-convolver Convolution engine library 2
alt-rootfs-installer Installer rootfs archive to any specified block device 1
apt-conf-ignore-systemd apt configuration file for systems on sysvinit 1
beremiz Integrated development environment for machine automation 1
caffeine-ng Prevent screensaving and powersaving 1
eric6 Python IDE 1
gns3-server GNS3 server manages emulators such as Dynamips, VirtualBox or Qemu/KVM 1
kazam A screen-casting program created with design in mind 1
mate-tweak Mate desktop configuration tool 1
profile-sync-daemon Offload browser profiles to RAM for speed a wear reduction 1
python-module-treq Python requests like API built on top of Twisted's HTTP client. 1
python3-module-Pyro4 Python Remote Objects 1
rtlsdr-scanner A cross platform Python frequency scanning GUI for the OsmoSDR rtl-sdr library 1
startup-mediacheck The system startup scripts for mediacheck (warning!) 1
uhd Universal Hardware Driver for Ettus Research products 1
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