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Group :: Development/C++
RPM: boost

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2 december 2008 Ivan A. Melnikov <iv at> 1:1.37.0-alt2

  • Added sophisticated triggers to devel subpackage to ensure smooth and
     clean upgrade. Prevous fixes didn't work as expected.
  • Removed obsolete ldconfig-related triggers.
  • Dependency declarations improved:
  • several obsolete tags added;
  • now all development subpackeges pre-require %name-devel instead of
       just requiring it.
  • Added patch #13 to fix some gcc4.3 warnings.
  • Minor spec cleanup.

8 november 2008 Ivan A. Melnikov <iv at> 1:1.37.0-alt1

  • Updated sources to 1.37.0 release
  • Fixed problems with upgrade from previous builds of boost (from
     1:1.31.0-alt1 to  1:1.34.1-alt2), where /usr/include/boost was
     a symbolic link (thanks to Slava Semushin for report)

23 october 2008 Ivan A. Melnikov <iv at> 1:1.37.0-alt0.beta1.1

  • New version:
  • new libraries: Proto
  • major updated libraries: Asio, Circular Buffer, Dynamic Bitset, Hash,
       Interprocess, Intrusive, Unordered, Math, Type Traits
  • Obolete patches removed

16 october 2008 Ivan A. Melnikov <iv at> 1:1.36.0-alt3

  • Added patch 11 by Alex Ott, found in boost trac ticket 2304,
     to fix warinigs in Boost.Spirit (closes #15718)
  • Added patch 12 to fix more warnings in Boost.Spirit
  • Really applied (not just attached) patches #8-#10

29 september 2008 Ivan A. Melnikov <iv at> 1:1.36.0-alt2

  • Removed experimental patch 4 and modified spec to get back
     traditional library naming, without -st suffix on single-threaded libs.

15 september 2008 Ivan A. Melnikov <iv at> 1:1.36.0-alt1

  • New version (fixes #15168)
  • Significantly rewrote specfile to simplify it
  • Reviewed libraries separation to reflect interdependencies of boost
     libraries better. This also fixes #15421 and #15397
  • Changed build architecture of header-only development packages to noarch
  • Changed build layout to system and applied patch from Mandriva
     and our own patch to improve ABI versioning in this case
  • Added patch #5, to make location of bjam binary platform-independent.
     This should fix #17004, build on ppc and other platforms as well
  • Renamed library packages to confirm Shared Libs Policy
  • Joined all static libraries into one package
  • Switched to use bjam directly instead of calling configure and make,
     which became insufficient
  • Applied all hotfixes from
  • Removed debug versions of libraries
  • Removed patch #1, as it is not needed now
  • Removed patch #2, as it was applied by upstream

23 march 2008 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.34.1-alt1

  • New version

5 february 2008 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.34.0-alt5.1

  • Applied bga@'s patch for building with python2.5

2 february 2008 Grigory Batalov <bga at> 1:1.34.0-alt5

  • Build without exact python version

16 january 2008 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.34.0-alt4

  • Fixed invalid memory access in boost-regex++ (thanks ldv@ for noticing)
     + CVE-2008-171
     + CVE-2008-172

9 september 2007 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.34.0-alt3

  • Provide backward-compatibility symlinks for static libraries (libboost_foo.a->libboost_foo-gcc41-mt.a)

3 july 2007 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.34.0-alt2

  • Use symlinks, not hardlinks for .so files
  • Provide backward-compatibility symlinks for libraries (>

14 may 2007 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.34.0-alt1

  • New version
  • New subpackage (graph)

7 april 2007 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.33.1-alt4

  • boost-devel now requires boost-serialization-devel (#11298)

8 january 2007 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.33.1-alt3

  • Added missing dependancy for boost-program-options-devel (#10578)

22 december 2006 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.33.1-alt2

  • Added missing dependancy for boost-serialization-devel (#10485)

14 september 2006 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 1:1.33.1-alt1

  • New version
  • New subpackage (iostreams)

25 april 2005 Anton D. Kachalov <mouse at> 1:1.32.0-alt2

  • rebuild with python 2.4
  • x86_64 support

17 january 2005 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1:1.32.0-alt1

  • new version (1.32.0)
  • program-options* subpackages added
  • serialization subpackage added

24 may 2004 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1:1.31.0-alt2

  • builddep on python-devel is now versioned

22 april 2004 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1:1.31.0-alt1

  • new version (1.31.0)
  • license changed to Boost Software License
  • Reqs on boost-devel changed to PreReqs to enforce order of installation
  • lots of triggers added to provide smooth upgrade

25 august 2003 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1:1.30.2-alt1

  • new version (1.30.2)

13 august 2003 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1:1.30.0-alt1

  • new version (1.30.0)
  • build system changed, so %build section does
  • added subpackages for datetime, filesystem and test libraries
  • description for signals library added
  • epoch added (all .so's uses 1.37.0 as so-version, regex library
     should be updated)
  • removed all subpackage specific versions

21 january 2003 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1.29.0-alt1

  • new version (1.29.0) now we know about g++-3.2
  • fixes bug #0001863
  • docs added
  • new subpackage -signals- added
  • boost-threads-devel-static temporarily removed, because static
     libraries for it is not built with boost build system.

10 september 2002 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1.28.0-alt0.4

  • fixed version numbere for gcc-3.2.
    (this is temporary release)

19 august 2002 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1.28.0-alt0.3

  • ...-config scripts renamed (s/_/-/g)
  • added macros to control compilers version for which to build library

18 august 2002 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1.28.0-alt0.2

  • spec rewrite: subpackages rearranged, files rearranged
  • use gcc-version specific directories instead of update-alternatives
  • remake patch updated (soname added)
  • pytmake patch updated (soname fixed)
  • buildreqs fixed

10 june 2002 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1.28.0-alt0.1

  • new version (1.28.0)
  • .makefile patch split into .remake and .pytmake patches
  • buildreqs fixed

6 june 2002 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 1.27.0-alt0.2

  • gcc2/gcc3 variants added for regex subpackages
  • /usr/bin/*_config files added
  • python subpackages added
  • buildreqs fixed
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