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Group :: System/Configuration/Hardware
RPM: foo2zjs

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18 june 2008 Evgeny V. Shishkov <shev at> 20080605-alt2

  • Add wget requires
  • Change tk >= 8.4

9 june 2008 Evgeny V. Shishkov <shev at> 20080605-alt1

  • updated to 20080605 tarball
  • update foo2zjs.make_20080609.patch

26 may 2008 Evgeny V. Shishkov <shev at> 20080523-alt1

  • updated to 20080523 tarball
  • add requires tk>=8.5
  • update description

19 may 2008 Evgeny V. Shishkov <shev at> 20080515-alt1

  • updated to 20080515 tarball

4 may 2008 Evgeny V. Shishkov <shev at> 20080501-alt1

  • updated to 20080501 tarball
  • add patch foo2oak-wrapper.in_20080504.patch

30 april 2008 Evgeny V. Shishkov <shev at> 20080426-alt1

  • updated to 20080426 tarball
  • update Makefile patch

25 april 2008 Evgeny V. Shishkov <shev at> 20080418-alt1

  • updated to 2008-04-18 tarball

4 april 2008 Evgeny Shishkov <evgen at> 20080401-alt0.2

  • updated to 2008-04-01 tarball
  • fix menu picture

2 april 2008 Evgeny Shishkov <evgen at> 20080324-alt0.1

  • updated to 2008-03-24 tarball
  • updated all patches

23 november 2007 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20070520-alt0.3

  • following Sisyphus package change (20060523-alt0.8):
     + Remove requires to printer-drivers-utils

28 may 2007 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20070520-alt0.2

  • rebuilt for Daedalus (should be good enough for Sisyphus
     but a bit of careful testing should be better)
  • Dmitriy also rediffed patches, cleaned up spec and noted
     that foo2oak driver (HP LJ1500) is discontinued

27 may 2007 Dmitriy Shadrinov <shadrinovdd at> 20070520-alt0.1

  • updated to 2007-05-20 tarball

26 may 2007 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20060523-alt0.4

  • updated udev rules file to current fashion;
     thanks Dmitriy Shadrinov <shadrinovdd ystu ru>
     for investigation and fix proposal

2 november 2006 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20060523-alt0.3

  • actually *excluded* and not just mentioned in changelog (#10223):
     (thanks Artem Zolochevskiy <azol@> for bringing this up)

5 august 2006 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20060523-alt0.2

  • excluded these due to file conflict with foomatic-db-3.0.2-alt3:
     (if you happen to miss them, check current foomatic-db)

25 june 2006 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20060523-alt0.1

  • built for Sisyphus (NMU or takeover?)
  • NB: it's older snapshot, there are new features in the newer one
     but I can't test (and don't need) them; so leaving 2006-06-25 alone
     (if you have HP2600 or udev troubles with HP10xx, try that too;
     please note the ICM file has different copyright terms, see the
     website and/or use getweb script)

24 may 2006 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20060523-alt0.1.M30.1

  • 20060523 tarball
     + should support HP LaserJet 1018 and 1022
  • updated patch2
  • excluded HP1022 PPD (conflicts with foomatic-db-3.0.2-alt1.20050404)

19 april 2006 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20060416-alt0.1.M30.1

  • added hotplug/udev support
  • patched hotplug script and makefile to play nice to packaging
  • moved usb_printerid back to /bin (as intended)

18 april 2006 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 20060416-alt0.0.M30.1

  • updated to 2006-04-16 tarball (judging on ChangeLog)
  • spec cleanup
     + moved actual build to %build section
     + borrowed a couple of things from Conectiva spec
  • extended makefile patch (handle athlon, fix add'l binaries installation)
  • added groff-ps to buildrequires so that groff works during build
  • added foo2zjs, foo2hp ICM profiles
  • added PPDs
  • exclude a bunch of Foomatic XML by default since it collides
     with foomatic-db-3.0.2-alt1.20050404

11 may 2005 Denis Smirnov <mithraen at> 1.59-alt1

  • first build for sisyphus
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