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Group :: Graphics
RPM: vips

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%def_disable static

Name: vips
Version: 8.4.5
Release: alt3

Summary: Large image processing library
License: LGPLv2.1
Group: Graphics

Source0: %name-%version.tar.gz

BuildPreReq: libxml2-devel
# Automatically added by buildreq on Sat Oct 08 2011
# optimized out: fontconfig fontconfig-devel glib2-devel ilmbase-devel libX11-devel libfreetype-devel libstdc++-devel libxml2-devel pkg-config python-base python-modules xorg-xproto-devel zlib-devel
BuildRequires: gcc-c++ gtk-doc imake libICE-devel libImageMagick-devel libcfitsio-devel libexif-devel libfftw3-devel libjpeg-devel liblcms2-devel libmatio-devel liborc-devel libpango-devel libpng-devel libtiff-devel openexr-devel python-devel xorg-cf-files
BuildRequires: libwebp-devel libopenslide-devel

%define majorver %(echo %version |cut -d. -f1,2)

VIPS is an image processing library. It is good for very large
images (ie.  larger than the amount of RAM in your machine),
and for working with colour.  It includes a C++ API, complete
man pages, a command-line interface, automatic threading and
an operation database. There are several user interfaces built
on top of VIPS: for example "nip2".

%package -n lib%name
Summary: VIPS development kit
Group: System/Libraries

%package -n lib%name-devel
Summary: VIPS development kit
Group: Development/C
Requires: lib%name = %version-%release
Provides: %name-devel = %version-%release
Obsoletes: %name-devel < 7.16.3-alt3

%package -n lib%name-devel-doc
Summary: VIPS development kit documentation
Group: Development/C
BuildArch: noarch

%if_enabled static
%package -n lib%name-devel-static
Summary: VIPS static libraries
Group: Development/C
Requires: lib%name-devel = %version-%release
Provides: %name-devel-static = %version-%release
Obsoletes: %name-devel-static < 7.16.3-alt3

%description -n lib%name
Shared libraries for VIPS.

%description -n lib%name-devel
Development libraries and header files for VIPS.

%description -n lib%name-devel-doc
This package contains development documentation for VIPS.

%if_enabled static
%description -n lib%name-devel-static
Static libraries for developing statically linked VIPS applications.


# Avoid setting RPATH to /usr/lib64 on 64-bit builds

# The DIE_RPATH_DIE trick breaks the build wrt gobject-introspection
sed -i 's|sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec="|sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec="/%{_lib} %{_libdir} |' configure

%configure %{subst_enable static}

%find_lang vips%majorver
find %buildroot \( -name '*.la' -o -name '*.a' \) -exec rm -f {} ';'

%files -f vips%{majorver}.lang
%exclude %python_sitelibdir

%files -n lib%name

%files -n lib%name-devel

%files -n lib%name-devel-doc

%if_enabled static
%files -n lib%name-devel-static


# - OpenSlide, v4l
# - package python bindings


Full changelog you can see here

design & coding: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
current maintainer: Michael Shigorin