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описание пакета кол-во записей
ImageMagick An X application for displaying and manipulating images 126
ffmpeg A command line toolbox to manipulate, convert and stream multimedia content 68
MySQL A very fast and reliable SQL database engine 40
curl Gets a file from a FTP, GOPHER or HTTP server 36
freeswitch FreeSWITCH open source telephony platform 32
wireshark The BugTraq Award Winning Network Traffic Analyzer 28
php7 The PHP7 scripting language 26
zoneminder A camera monitoring and analysis tool 22
goldendict Feature-rich dictionary lookup program 20
xfsprogs Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem 18
btrfs-progs Utilities for managing the Btrfs filesystem 16
ipmitool ipmitool - Utility for IPMI control 12
ocaml The Objective Caml compiler and programming environment 12
xl2tpd Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon (RFC 2661) 12
cups-filters OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends 10
libdvdnav DVD Navigation library 10
parted Flexible partitioning tool 10
spawn-fcgi spawn FastCGI applications 10
apache2-mod_php7 The php HTML-embedded scripting language for use with Apache2 8
chrony Chrony clock synchronization program 8
libdvdread A library for reading DVD-Video images 8
openttd An open source clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" 8
zfs ZFS on Linux 8
ipset Tools for managing sets of IP or ports with iptables 7
nginx Fast HTTP server 6
pciutils Linux PCI utilities 6
powertop Tool that helps you find what software is using the most power 6
freeipmi GNU FreeIPMI - Intelligent Platform Management System 4
incron Inotify cron system 4
libaubio5 Aubio is a library for real time audio labelling 4
povray Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-Ray) 4
unison File-synchronization tool 4
psutils PostScript utilities 3
augeas A library for changing configuration files 2
davfs2 Linux file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server as a local file system. 2
dmidecode Dmidecode is a tool for dumping a computer's DMI table 2
ethtool Ethernet settings tools for network cards 2
kernel-image-std-def The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) 2
kernel-modules-xtables-addons-un-def xtables-addons kernel module 2
kernel-modules-xtables-addons-std-def xtables-addons kernel module 2
kiki 3D logical game 2
libjcat Library for reading Jcat files 2
libmng A library for handling MNG files 2
libnetfilter_conntrack Netfilter conntrack userspace library 2
mjpegtools Tools for recording, editing, playing back mpeg-encoding video under linux 2
mpack mpack and munpack MIME e-mail utilities 2
ocaml-cryptokit OCaml library of cryptographic and hash functions 2
ocaml-luv Binding to libuv for ocaml: cross-platform asynchronous I/O 2
ocaml-menhir LR(1) parser generator for the OCaml programming language. 2
ocfs2-tools Tools for managing the Oracle Cluster Filesystem 2 2
openipmi openipmi - Library interface to IPMI 2
php7-fpm-fcgi The PHP HTML-embedded scripting language as a php-fpm (FastCGI) binary. 2
php7-gd GD library support for PHP 2
php7-intl Internationalization extension is a wrapper for ICU library 2
php7-mysqlnd-mysqli MySQL Improved Extension for PHP with Native Driver 2
php7-zip ZIP functions 2
sofia-sip Sofia SIP User-Agent library 2
t4k_common Library for Tux4Kids applications 2
waf A Python-based build system 2
firmware-alsa-sof Firmware and topology files for Sound Open Firmware project 1
libva-intel-media-driver Intel(R) Media Driver for VAAPI 1
perl-Apache2-SOAP A replacement for Apache::SOAP designed to work with mod_perl 2 1
php7-jpgraph 2D graph plotting library for PHP 1
shapercontrol Administration tool for Linux-based ISP traffic shaper 1
xtables-addons IP tables addons 1
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