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Патч: acct-rh-doc.patch

--- acct/accounting.texi
+++ acct/accounting.texi
@@ -482,7 +482,7 @@ the totals will most likely be greater than those of your system's
 @code{ac} (provided you specify the other flags that will make GNU
 @code{ac} behave like the system's).
-@unnumberedsubsubsec The Shutdown/Reboot Problem
+@unnumberedsubsec The Shutdown/Reboot Problem
 On Suns, @code{init} is a little screwed up.  For some reason, after a
 shutdown record is written, a reboot record is written with a time-stamp
@@ -504,7 +504,7 @@ change it using the @samp{--timewarp-value} flag.  The rationale for the
 60 second default is that of all of the machines with this problem, the
 largest timewarp was 45.
-@unnumberedsubsubsec Stupid System V Machines
+@unnumberedsubsec Stupid System V Machines
 Some @code{ac}'s on System V machines (I've tried SGI Indigo & SGI Indy)
 forget to pay attention to the @code{ut_type} field in a @code{struct
--- acct/lastcomm.1
+++ acct/lastcomm.1
@@ -125,9 +125,6 @@ format as your current machine, but has a different value for
 Print paging statistics.
 .B \-\-pid
-Show PID and PPID of the process if acct version 3 format is supported by kernel.
-.B \-\-pid
 Add pid of the process and pid of the process parent to the output
 (pid is the last but one and parent pid the last column).
 These values are shown only when they are generated by acct function
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