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gperiodic \- periodic table application

\fBgperiodic\fR [\fIoption(s)\fR] [\fIelement_symbol\fR | \fIatomic_number\fR]

\fBgperiodic\fR is a small X/GTK+\-based program which allows you to
browse through a periodic table of chemical elements, and view
somewhat detailed information on each of the elements.
118 elements are currently listed.

Zero options will start \fBgperiodic\fR.
Show the help screen.
\fB\-c\fR <\fITemp\fR>
Color the elements according to their phase at temperature <Temp> in Kelvins.
Dump the periodic table.
Be verbose.
Possible arguments:
\fIelement_symbol\fR | \fIatomic_number\fR
Display informations on the element with the given element symbol or atomic number.

The program was originally written by Kyle R. Burton. The current author
is Jonas Frantz <\&jonas.frantz@helsinki.fi\&>.
This manual page was written by Sebastien Bacher <\&seb128@debian.org\&>,
for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
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