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17 июня 2005 Anton V. Boyarshinov <boyarsh at altlinux.ru> 2.3-alt1

  • The maximum number of levels you can specify with the -l parameter has been reduced from 30 to 29. While both of these are impractically large, at least 29 does not lead to arithmetic overflow and a subsequent crash.
  • TIFF library warning messages have been turned off
  • Fixed a bug that caused primary-color spots to appear in overexposed areas of 16-bpp images.
  • Fixed a problem with Enblend crashing on large panoramas.
  • Support for signed and unsigned 16-bit, 32-bit, single- and double-precision floating point pixel types.
  • No more banding artifacts in the sky, even with 8-bit images.
  • Sophisticated memory/disk balancing. You can tell Enblend how much memory it is allowed to use, and it will swap to disk after that.
  • Support for large panoramas. I have tested that Enblend can blend a 1.2 gigapixel, 16-bit per channel color image. You should be able to go right up to 4 gigabyte limit of the TIFF format.
  • Optional blending in CIE L*a*b* color space

24 мая 2004 Anton V. Boyarshinov <boyarsh at altlinux.ru> 1.3-alt1

  • first build for ALTLinux
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