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4.1: 1.8.9-alt3
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Группа :: Система/Ядро и оборудование
Пакет: ipmitool

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22 ноября 2018 Sergey Bolshakov <sbolshakov at altlinux.ru> 1.8.18-alt3

  • revisit openssl-1.1 support

6 сентября 2018 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.18-alt2

  • fixed build with openssl-1.1

18 октября 2016 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.18-alt1

  • new version

16 июня 2016 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.17-alt2

  • rebuild with new freeipmi

14 июня 2016 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.17-alt1

  • new version

29 апреля 2015 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.15-alt1

  • new version

25 марта 2014 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.13-alt3

  • rebuild with new freeipmi

24 октября 2013 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.13-alt2

  • add patch from upstream bugzilla for fix sdr list on some HP servers (closes: #29491)

11 октября 2013 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.13-alt1

  • new version

15 июля 2013 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.12-alt2

  • rebuild with new freeipmi

15 июля 2013 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.12-alt1

  • new version

31 декабря 2011 Michael Shigorin <mike at altlinux.org> 1.8.11-alt4

  • applied debian patch to fix CVE-2011-4339 (pidfile had too wide
     permissions allowing users to kill arbitrary processes at times)

13 сентября 2011 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.11-alt3

  • bmclanconf added to package (closes: #26140)

7 декабря 2010 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.11-alt2

  • rebuild with new openssl

24 декабря 2009 Anton Farygin <rider at altlinux.ru> 1.8.11-alt1

  • 1.8.11

12 декабря 2008 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at altlinux.org> 1.8.10-alt1

  • 1.8.10

21 сентября 2007 Pavlov Konstantin <thresh at altlinux.ru> 1.8.9-alt2

  • Added URL.

10 июля 2007 Pavlov Konstantin <thresh at altlinux.ru> 1.8.9-alt1

  • 1.8.9 release.
  • HUGE spec cleanup.
  • Changed builddeps:
     * removed gcc-c++
     * changed kernel headers to std
     * added libfreeipmi-devel
  • repack.
  • Pack bmclanconf as well.

1 января 2007 Michail Yakushin <silicium at altlinux.ru> 1.8.8-alt1

  • first build for altlinux

2 мая 2006 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.8.8-1

  • Fix segfaults in sensor data repository list
  • Fix ipmievd to open interface before daemonizing
  • Fix IPMIv1.5 authtype NONE to ignore supplied password
  • Fix cipher suite display bug in lan print
  • Fix typo in IPMIv2 SOL output when sending break
  • Fix improper LUN handling with Tyan SOL
  • Add LUN support to OpenIPMI interface
  • Add support for Kontron OEM commands
  • Update to Kontron Firmware Update command

19 марта 2006 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.8.7-1

  • Add Sun OEM command for blades
  • Increase argument size for raw commands in shell/exec
  • Fix handling of LUNs for LAN interfaces
  • Add IPMIv2 SOL loopback test
  • Add support for IBM OEM SEL messages
  • Disable file paranoia checks on read files by default
  • Support IPMIv2 SOL on older Intel boxes
  • Display message and exit if keepalive fails during SOL
  • Add support for setting VLAN id and priority
  • Add support for FreeBSD OpenIPMI-compatible driver
  • Add support for IPMIv2 Firmware Firewall
  • Fix gcc4 compile warnings
  • Make ipmievd generate pidfile
  • Add initscripts for ipmievd

17 января 2006 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.8.6-1

  • Fix memory corruption when sending encrypted SOL traffic
  • Add keepalive timer to IPMIv2 SOL sessions

14 января 2006 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.8.5-1

  • Raise privilege level after creating IPMIv2 session
  • Add support for settable SOL escape character with -e option
  • Add support for Kg BMC key for IPMIv2 authentication with -k option
  • Add support for Tyan IPMIv1.5 SOL with tsol command
  • Add support for PICMG devices
  • Add support for OEM SEL event parsing
  • Add support for command bridging over lan and lanplus interfaces
  • New 'chassis selftest' command
  • Many bufxies and patches from contributors

18 мая 2005 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.8.2-1

  • Fix FRU reading for large (>255 bytes) areas.
  • Overhaul to ipmievd to support SEL polling in addition to OpenIPMI.
  • Fix LAN parameter segfault when no Ciphers supported by BMC.
  • Fix IPMIv2 support on Intel v2 BMCs (use -o intelplus).
  • Separate option parsing code from main ipmitool source file.
  • Add raw I2C support with IPMI Master Read-Write command.
  • Add support for new 'sdr elist' extended output format.
  • Add support for listing sensors by type with 'sdr type' command.
  • Add support for new 'sel elist' extended output format that
      cross-references events with sensors.
  • Add support for sending dynamically generated platform events
      based on existing sensor information.
  • New '-S' argument to read local SDR cache created with 'sdr dump'.
  • Updated manpage for ipmitool and ipmievd.

6 апреля 2005 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.8.1-1

  • Install ipmievd into /usr/sbin

16 марта 2005 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.8.0-1

  • Fix IPMIv2.0 issues
  • Fix chassis boot parameter support
  • Add support for linear sensors
  • Update bmc plugin to work with new Solaris bmc driver (new ioctl
      for interface detection and new STREAMS message-based interface)

18 января 2005 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.7.0-1

  • Propogate errors correctly so exit status will be useful
  • More consistent display of errors including completion code text
  • Errors and debug is send to stderr now
  • New "sel get" command that will print details about SEL entry
      and corresponding SDR records as well as FRUs via entity association
  • Improved event generator, now supports reading events from text file
  • New "-o oemtype" option for specifying OEM boards
      exsting types are "supermicro" and "intelwv2"
  • New PEF subsystem from Tim Murphy at Dell
  • New "bmc" plugin for Solaris 10 x86
  • Many bugfixes and contributed patches
  • Support for Supermicro BMC OEM authentication method
  • Fix minor problem with LAN parameter setting

18 августа 2004 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.6.0-1

  • Add a README
  • Add support for IPMIv2 and Serial-over-LAN from Newisys
  • Add Solaris x86 lipmi interface
  • Add support for building Solaris packages
  • Add support for building RPMs as non-root user
  • Fix segfault when doing "sel list" (from Matthew Braithwaite)
  • Fix "chassis identify" on some BMCs (from ebrower@sourceforge)
  • Add "bmc info" and related output (from ebrower@sourceforge)
  • new "shell" and "exec" commands
  • lots of other contributed patches

27 мая 2004 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.9-1

  • Add ability to get a particular sensor by name
  • Add ability to set a particular sensor threshold
  • Add support for displaying V2 channel authentication levels
  • Add README for rrdtool scripts in contrib directory
  • Improve lan interface retry handling
  • Support prompting for password or reading from environment
  • Move chaninfo command into channel subcommand
  • Fix reservation ID handling when two sessions open to BMC
  • Fix reading of large FRU data
  • Add configure option for changing binary to ipmiadm for Solaris
  • Fix compile problem on Solaris 8

27 января 2004 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.8-1

  • Enable static compilation of interfaces
  • Fix types to be 64-bit safe
  • Fix compilation problems on Solaris
  • Fix multiple big-endian problems for Solaris/SPARC
  • Fix channel access to save settings to NVRAM
  • Set channel privilege limit to ADMIN during "access on"
  • Enable gratuitous ARP in bmcautoconf.sh
  • Add support for Linux kernel panic messages in SEL output
  • Add support for type 3 SDR records

5 января 2004 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.7-1

  • add IPMIv1.5 eratta fixes
  • additions to FRU printing and FRU multirecords
  • better handling of SDR printing
  • contrib scripts for creating rrdtool graphs

4 декабря 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.6-1

  • Fix SEL event decoding for generic events
  • Handle empty SEL gracefully when doing "sel list"
  • Fix sdr handling of sensors that do not return a reading
  • Fix for CSV display of sensor readings/units from Fredrik жhrn

25 ноября 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.5-1

  • Add -U option for setting LAN username
  • Fix -v usage for plugin interfaces

14 ноября 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.4-1

  • pull interface plugin api into library
  • fix ipmievd

31 октября 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.3-1

  • add -g optin for pedantic ipmi-over-lan communication

24 октября 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.2-1

  • add gratuitous arp interval setting

8 октября 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.1-1

  • better SEL support
  • fix display bug in SDR list

5 сентября 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.5.0-1

  • use automake/autoconf/libtool
  • dynamic loading interface plugins

28 мая 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.4.0-1

  • make UDP packet handling more robust
  • fix imb driver support

22 мая 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.3-1

  • update manpage
  • rework of low-level network handling
  • add basic imb driver support

2 апреля 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.2-1

  • change command line option parsing
  • support for more chassis commands

1 апреля 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.1-1

  • minor fixes.

30 марта 2003 <duncan at iceblink.org> 1.0-1

  • Initial release.
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