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Пакет: ocaml-findlib

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%define _name findlib
Name: ocaml-%_name
Version: 1.8.1
Release: alt2

Summary: A module packaging tool for OCaml
License: Distributable
Group: Development/ML
Url: http://www.ocaml-programming.de/packages/documentation/findlib/

Source: %_name-%version.tar
Patch1: findlib-1.6.2-alt-native.patch
Patch2: findlib-1.1.2pl1-alt-wizard.patch
Patch3: findlib-1.6.2-alt-install-doc.patch

BuildRequires: rpm-build-ocaml >= 1.2 ocaml-labltk >= 8.06.2 libtinfo-devel ocaml-ocamldoc
BuildRequires: ocaml-ocamlbuild libX11-devel tcl-devel tk-devel libncurses-devel

%package -n ocaml-ocamlfind-mini
Summary: Minimal findlib script to be distributed with user libraries
Group: Development/ML
BuildArch: noarch

%package toolbox
Summary: graphical wizard to create findlib-enabled Makefiles
Group: Development/ML

The "findlib" library provides a scheme to manage reusable software
components (packages), and includes tools that support this
scheme. Packages are collections of OCaml modules for which
metainformation can be stored. The packages are kept in the filesystem
hierarchy, but with strict directory structure. The library contains
functions to look the directory up that stores a package, to query
metainformation about a package, and to retrieve dependency
information about multiple packages. There is also a tool that allows
the user to enter queries on the command-line. In order to simplify
compilation and linkage, there are new frontends of the various OCaml
compilers that can directly deal with packages.

%description -n ocaml-ocamlfind-mini
ocamlfind-mini is an O'Caml script that implements a subset of the
full functionality of ocamlfind. It consists only of one file, so it
is easy to distribute it with any software.

The subset is normally sufficient to compile a library and to
install the library; but it is insufficient to link the library
into an executable.

%description toolbox
The graphical 'findlib-make-wizard' tool to aid in creating
findlib-enabled Makefiles.

%package devel
Summary: Development files for %name
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Group: Development/ML

%description devel
The %name-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use %name.

%setup -n %_name-%version
%patch1 -p2
%patch2 -p2

sed -i -e 's, at LIBDIR at ,%_libdir,g' src/findlib-toolbox/make_wizard.ml
sed -i -e '/path/s, at SITELIB at ,\0:%_libdir/ocaml,' findlib.conf.in

./configure \
   -mandir %_mandir \
   -config %_libdir/ocaml/etc/findlib.conf \
   -with-toolbox \
   -sitelib `ocamlc -where` \
make opt

%make_install install prefix=%buildroot

install -pD -m755 mini/ocamlfind-mini %buildroot%_bindir/ocamlfind-mini

# remove default byte-coded wizard and install native one

rm -f %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/findlib/make_wizard
install -m755 src/findlib-toolbox/make_wizard.opt %buildroot%_bindir/findlib-make-wizard

# remove native dynlink plugin

rm -f %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/findlib/findlib.cmxs
rm -f %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/findlib/*.cmxs

# install dummy META library for uchar

mkdir -p %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/uchar

cat >> %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/uchar/META<<'EOF'
version="[distributed with OCaml 4.02 or above]"
description="dummy backward-compatibility package for mutable strings"

# install dummy META library for seq

mkdir -p %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/seq

cat >> %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/seq/META<<'EOF'
version="[distributed with OCaml 4.07 or above]"
description="dummy backward-compatibility package for iterators"

%files -n ocaml-ocamlfind-mini
%doc mini/README

%files toolbox

%exclude %_bindir/ocamlfind-mini
%exclude %_bindir/findlib-make-wizard
%exclude %_libdir/ocaml/findlib/*.a
%exclude %_libdir/ocaml/findlib/*.cmxa
%exclude %_libdir/ocaml/findlib/*.mli
%exclude %_libdir/ocaml/findlib/Makefile.config

%files devel
%doc LICENSE doc/README doc/guide-html


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